William L. Clements Library

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an institution specializing in Early American History and Culture from 1492 to 1900, the William L. Clements Library is committed to actively recognizing and supporting underrepresented voices from the past and in the present — throughout the Library's collections, community, and operations. This commitment has a significant bearing on our collections policy, access systems, staffing, outreach, public exhibits, programs, and collaborations with the University's faculty and students.

The Clements Library has committed to an ongoing assessment and response as part of the University of Michigan's five-year initiative to increase diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. We have developed a specific plan for moving ahead in this critical area. Our goals include:

  • Pursuing an increasingly diverse representation on our governing board, and on our library staff
  • Promotion of teaching with materials related to underrepresented populations
  • Increasing the visibility of our collections relating to diverse topics
  • Cultivating a welcoming climate in our physical space, human relations, and overall cultural climate of the library
  • Continuing our public events and exhibits on topics related to diversity
  • Improving access to our collections, website, and events for people with disabilities or impairments.

FY2017 initiatives include new DEI internships which will be used to improve processing and identification of library resources related to diversity, and the creation of subject guides on diverse topics.

Feel free to contact the library with questions, suggestions or concerns at clements-dei@umich.edu

The full version of the Clements DEI plan is available here: Clements Library DEI plan (pdf).

This plan may be revised as needed in response to administrative priorities and budget constraints.