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William L. Clements Library Email Newsletters

In addition to The Quarto, our semi-annual magazine for Clements Library Associates, we have two email newsletters for those interested in the Library.

The monthly Clements Connection newsletter is for our friends who like to keep informed about our events, acquisitions and general library news.

The campus newsletter is sent to selected University of Michigan departments and interested researchers in the fall and winter terms. It has an emphasis on campus collaboration and research opportunities in the Clements collections.

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Past Issues

Clements Connection Newsletter: Campus Newsletter:
December 2017 No. 9, Winter 2017
November 2017 No. 8, Fall 2016
October 2017 No. 7, Fall 2015
September 2017 No. 6, Winter 2015
August 2017 No. 5, Winter 2014
July 2017 No. 4, Fall 2013
June 2017 No. 3, Fall 2012
May 2017 No. 2, Winter 2012 (pdf)
April 2017 No. 1, Fall 2011 (pdf)
February 2017