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Emperor of Morocco to King George III, September 1766Shelburne papers.




Tranlsation of a Letter to His Majesty from the Emperor of Morocco. dated September 1766. i.e. Heggira 1180.




May this our Writing reach the Hands of George Rex the Glorious monarch of the English whom God prosper.   Greeting:


We received your Writing, read it & understood it’s Contents, & find that agreeable to Treaties, a perfect Peace & Harmony now reigns between Us.


Should any Misunderstanding for the future exist, It will by your writing to Us, & Our writing to you; easily be cleared up & remedied.


We have complied with your Governor of Gibraltar’s strong Intercessions in Favour of Consul Popham, who from the Reports that had reached Us, concerning Him, had greatly incurred our Displeasure.


It is Our most pressing Desire, that the Admiral of our Ship & Governor of Sallee, Rais Elarbi, whom We sent to you, may return without any Loss of Time whatsoever; and We further desire you to send Us an Engineer with ten Workmen in Marble, all Clever in their Professions.