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British Treaty and Acts 1760. Shelburne papers.



Copy of the 12th Article of the Treaty with the Emperor of Morocco concluded & sign’d 28th July 1760.



It is agreed that if any Subject of the Emperor of Fez and Morocco, desires to transport---Commodities from the Dominions of the King of Great Britain, he shall be permitted to do it, without paying greater Duties or Impositions, than other Nations pay, according to the Custom of the Country; and when the English Convoy shall be ready, it shall be ordered, after its Arrival at Gibraltar, to convoy the Vessel, on which the said Commodities are embarked, to the Port His Imperial Majesty shall appoint.

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By the Act of Navigation 12 of Car. 2. cap. 18 & 11.  No Ship is to be considered as English untill there is produced a Certificate, or Proof on Oath of the Property, and it appears that the Master and at least three Fourths of the Crew are English Subjects.  Officers of the Customs allowing them the Privileges of English Ships, suffering them to enter Goods &c., and Governors suffering them to unload, or load in their Precints without Examination and Proof, forfeit their Places.