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Stephen Decatur to William Shaler, July 2, 1815.  Isaac Chauncey papers.




U.S. Ship Guerriere

Bay of Algiers July 2d. 1815.


Dear Sir,


I request you to inform his Highness the Dey of Algiers, that the promise which I have made to restore to him the Frigate and Brig captured by the Squadron under my command, shall be faithfully performed.  These vessels will be delivered to the Officers of the Dey, as they now are at Carthagena.  An escort will also be furnished by me, not to protect them against the hostilities of any other power, but sufficient to save the men on board from the dangers of the Sea.  To this extent only does my engagement extend.  I am willing however, further to engage to convoy the vessels and protect them against any hostile attack, to the utmost ability of the Convoying Ships, upon the following conditions.

I have been informed that doubts have been suggested as to the legality of our proceedings in the Capture of the

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Brig.  Altho' we by no means admit that she was in any way within the protection of the King of Spain, yet it would be agreeable to me to have this question put to rest.  I have been also informed that there are now confined in Chains in Algiers, the Spanish vice Consul, and a Spanish merchant.  In consideration therefore of the above voluntary undertaking on my part,  I expect that his Highness the Dey will release from their confinement the said vice consul and merchant, and suffer them to leave his dominions if they are so disposed.  I also expect that in consideration of my engagement aforesaid and of the restoration of the Brig, no claim or demand of any nature whatever growing out of her Capture in the Vicinity of the Spanish Coast shall be hereafter made upon the Government of Spain.



I am &c. &c.
(Signed) Stephen Decatur

[To] William Shaler Esqr.