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Selected Bibliography

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  • The "So Once Were We": Death in Early America exhibit was the product of mentorship, encouragement, and assistance by many colleagues, collectors, interns, family, and friends. They provided loans for the original display, criticisms and recommendations, editing suggestions, and general support. A few individuals from a much longer list include Barbara DeWolfe, Clayton Lewis, Julie Fremuth, Brian Dunnigan, J. Kevin Graffagnino, Jayne Ptolemy, Louis Miller, Kari Tant, Emiko Hastings, Hannah Brookhart, Mark A. Anderson, Leonard and Jean Walle, David B. Walters, David V. Tinder, Wystan Stevens, Dr. Stanley Burns, embalmer David E. Wolfe, S'Dan Johnson, David Johnson, Andrew and Irina Grougan, and (most importantly) my wife Candice and children Lane, Sylvanus, and Emby.

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