May 6, 1775 -- Benjamin Thompson to ? (Page 1 of 3)
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Invisible Letter
Sir / If you will be so kind as to deliver to / Mr. of Boston, the Papers which I / left in your care, and take his Receipt for the same, / You will much oblige / Your Humble Servant / (erased) / Saturday May 6th 1775

Visible Letter
Woburn May 6th 1775 / Sir, In compliance with your desires I embrace this / first opportunity that has offered since I left / Boston to send you some account of the / Situation of affairs in this part of the Country- / I need not trouble you with a particular account / of the affair at Concord on Wednesday the 19th [ ] / nor of the subsequent gathering at Cambridge [ ], as / you have doubtless already / better intelligence of them affairs than I am able to / give you. 

The only information that I can give you / that can be of any consequence lately received / from a Field officer in the Rebel / Army (if that mass of confusion may be called / an Army) & from a member of the Provincial / Congress that is now setting at Watertown. By / them I learn that an Army consisting of  / 30,000 effective men is speedily to be raised in / the four New England Governments, & that the / quota for this Province is 13600. That as soon / as this Army shall be raised & regulated, it is / generally supposed that the first movement / will be to make a feint attack upon the Town / of Boston & at the same time to attempt the / Castle with the main body of the Army- / Whether this will be the precise plan of operation

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