Spy Letters of the American Revolution -- From the Collection of the Clements Library

June 27, 1779 -- George Washington to Benjamin Tallmadge (Page 3 of 3, private)
From the Clinton Collection
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but from H--I obtain intelligence, and his / name and business should be kept profoundly / secret, otherwise we not only lose the benefits / desired from it, but may subject him to some / unhappy fate.-- / I wish you to use every method in / your own power through H--& others, to obtain in- / formation of the enemy's situation - and as far / as it is to be come at, designs.-- C-r speaks / of the enemy's force up the River as now exceed- / ing 8000 men, but as I know he is mistaken if  / he comprehends their whole force, I should be / glad if his successor was cautioned against / giving positive numbers by guess. -- this is / deceptious -- let him ascertain the particular / Corps which can be no difficult matter to do, / & he will soon be taking a little pains, indi -/ rectly come at the strength of them & where they lie. / I am Sir / with estemm and regard, / Yr. Very H. Servt. / Go. Washington

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