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Inventory of Exhibit Sources

Manuscripts and Printed Sources

Manuscript Collections at the Clements Library

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American Education Collection, Betsey Crowder (uncataloged)
Letter from Teacher at Greensboro College, North Carolina, [18702]
Letter from new teacher at Greensboro Female Seminary after the Civil War.
American Education Collection, C. Smith (uncataloged)
Letter from Female Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky, March 27, 1858
Letter from teacher educated at Troy Female Seminary about her experiences teaching in a Southern female seminary.
Elizabeth Barras Papers
Letters from Bethlehem Female Seminary, 1838-1840
Letters by student requesting clothing and food from her parents, also a bill for tuition and a letter of dismissal for misbehavior.
Julia Bolton Student Notebook
Julia Bolton Autograph Book, 1850s
La Grange Female Seminary [Georgia] student essay about slavery and classmates' autographs and home addresses.
Elizabeth Camp Journals
Elizabeth Camp Journals, 1819-1825
Journal of missionary to Stockbridge Indian people in western New York.
Clarke Family Papers
Letter from Eleanor Spalding to Lydia Clarke, May 5th, 1860
Letter from new teacher in large, coeducational seminary in Lockport, New York.
Clermont Academy
See Wilson Family Papers
Cole Family Papers (uncataloged)
Letters from Troy Female Seminary, 1821-1834
Letters from students during early years of Emma Willard's principalship of Troy Female Seminary.
Cooley Family Papers (uncataloged)
Lucretia Cooley to Dennis Cooley, 1843
Letter concerning unapproved departure of Dennis Cooley's daughter Amelia from Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary.
Wilber Fisk Papers
Letter from William G. Hammond to Wilbur Fisk, June 16, 1830
Letter requesting a place in Wilbraham Academy for his 20 year old sister.
Emma C. Green Papers (uncataloged)
Letter from Emma A. Clark Green (New Haven, Connecticut), Sept. 23, 1846
Letter from teacher seeking to improve her education in New Haven, Connecticut.
Harriet J. Kendall Papers
Harriet Jacques Kendall Papers
Letter from a boarding student describing her vacation plans and another letter seeking a house or rooms to rent for a family who will move to the seminary town during the children's education.
Kendall-Brown Family Papers
Letters from Ingham Female Institute, LeRoy, New York, 1854.
Letters from students of Mrs. Sackett in central New York.
Letters from Wadawannuck Female Seminary, Stonington, Massachusetts, 1854.
Letters from students of Mrs. Sackett in seaside Massachussetts.
Elizabeth Hollister Lyons Papers (uncataloged)
Letter from Sarah Hollister Lyons, Winchester, Illinois, June 13, 1847
Letter from a New England teacher in central Illinois.
Markham Family Papers (uncataloged)
Tuition Bill for Mary Markham, 1855
Bill written out by the principal/proprietor of a musical academy in New London, Connecticut in 1855.
Monticello Female Seminary
See Norton Strange Townsend Papers
Pen and Ink Collection (uncataloged)
Sketch of a Despised Headmaster
This undated, unsigned letter between former schoolmates contains a vitriolic sketch and reminiscence of their headmaster.
Plainfield N.J. Collection: Hubbard/Robertson Family Papers (uncataloged)
Letter by M. M. to Peter Robertson Family, July 31, 1851
Letter probably from Myrtilla Miner describing intention to open a school for free African-Americans in Washington, D.C.
Letter to Miss Lottie, Feb. 20, 1853
Letter from a young school girl to a friend.
Reed-Blackmer Family Papers
Letters from East Bloomfield Academy, 1849-1850
Letters between sisters and brothers attending various academies in central New York.
Letter from Alfred University, Apr. 26, 1850
Letter from young man with little previous education describing his work study and his female professors at this coeducational college in western New York.
Letters from Canandaigua Female Seminary, 1852-1853
Letters between brothers and sisters who have attended various seminaries in central New York.
Letters from Salem Seminary, May 14, 1853
Letter from a female friend studying music in Salem, hoping thereby to acquire a certain degree of social polish before her education is finished.
Letters from Ohio Wesleyan University, 1885-1886
Letters from student Bessie Blackmer to her mother discuss social and religious life at a coeducational college in the 1880s.
Sophia Sawyer Papers
Sophia Sawyer Correspondence, 1812-1833
Letters from teacher with Cherokee Indians at various missions in Georgia before their removal to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.
Shippen-Eckert Family Papers (uncataloged)
Letter from Mary Eckert to Solomon Eckert, December 19th, 1837
Letter to parents from a daughter studying with and helping an aunt who operates a private boarding school in western Pennsylvannia.
Talcott Family Papers
Letters to Sarah Talcott at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary and Student Essay
Two letters addressed to Sarah Talcott from Mt. Holyoke alumnae, and an essay, "Our Happy School Days," from a younger student.
Daniel Towle Papers (cataloged)
Letter to Daniel Towle, June 22, 1851
Letter from wife to husband requesting funds to send children to boarding school.
Norton Strange Townsend Papers (uncataloged)
Autobiographical Letter of Margaret Bailey Norton, Undated and Ephemera from Monticello Female Seminary, 1845-1869
Letter by Margaret Bailey concerning her life before her marriage to Norton Strange Townsend including items about her alma mater Monticello Female Seminary.
Wilson Family Papers
Records from Clermont Academy, Clermont New York, 1834-1836
Correspondence about incorporation and promotional flyers.

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Printed Sources at the Clements Library

Abbott, Jacob (1803-1879). The teacher: or Moral influences employed in the instruction and government of the young; intended chiefly to assist young teachers in organizing and conducting their schools. Boston: Published by Pierce and Parker. 1833. Call No: C2 1833 Ab.
Agnew, John Holmes (1804-1865). Woman's offices and influence. An address before the Monroe female seminary. New York: Printed by John F. Trow, 1851. Call No: Pam 1851 Ag.
Bailey, John, Mrs. Physical culture. New York : The Author, 1892. Call No: Pam 1892. Ba.
Bartlett, Montgomery Young Ladies Astronomy. Utica, 1825. Call No: C2 1825 Ba.
Beecher, Catharine Esther (1800-1878). An essay on the education of female teachers. Written on the request of the American lyceum, and communicated at their annual meeting,--New York, May 8th, 1835. New York: Van Nostrand & Dwight, 146 Nassau St. Cincinnati--Corey & Fairbanks. 1835. Call No: C2 1835 Be.
Beecher, Catherine Esther (1880-1878). The duty of American women to their country. New-York: Harper & brothers, 82 Cliff-St. 1845. Call No: C2 1845 Be.
Beecher, Catharine Esther (1800-1878). The evils suffered by American women and American children: the causes and the remedy. Presented in an address by Miss C.E. Beecher, to meetings of ladies in Cincinnati, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and other cities. Also, an address to the Protestant clergy of the United States. New York: Harper and brothers, publishers, 82 Cliff Street, 1846. Call No: C2 1846 Be.
Beecher, Catharine Esther (1800-1878). The true remedy for the wrongs of woman; with a history of an enterprise having that for its object. Boston: Phillips, Sampson, & co. 1851. Call No: C2 1851 Be.
Bennet, John, Rev., Letters to a young lady, on a variety of useful and interesting subjects: calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding. "That our daughters may be as polished corners of the temple." Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin. 1791. Call No: C2 1791 Be.
Bennet, John, Rev., Strictures on female education. New-York, Printed by John Buel, for E. Duyckinck, and co., M,DCC,XVI. (i.e. 1796). Call No: C2 1796 Be.
Bennett, John, Rev. Letters to a young lady, on a variety of useful and interesting subjects: calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding ... New-York, Printed by John Buel, for E. Duyckinck, and co., M,DCC,XVI. (i.e. 1796). Call No: C2 1796 Be.
Bingham, Caleb (1757-1817). The young lady's accidence: or, A short and easy introduction to English grammar. Designed principally, for the use of young learners, more especially those of the fair sex, though proper for either. Printed at Boston, by I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews, at Faust's statue, no. 45, Newbury street. MDCCXCII [1792]Call No: C2 1792 Bi.
Bissell, Mary Taylor. Physical development and exercise for women. New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1891. Call No: C2 1891 Bi.
Brooke, John T. A little thing great; or, The dance and the dancing school. New York: Robert Carter & brothers, no. 530 Broadway. 1859. Call No: C2 1859 Br.
Burton, John (1745 or 6-1806). Lectures on female education and manners. New-York: Printed and sold by Samuel Campbell, no. 124, Pearl-street. 1794. Call No: C2 1794 Bu.
Burton, John (1745 or 6-1806). Lectures on female education and manners. Elizabeth- Town: Printed by S. Kollock for Cornelius Davis, no. 94, Water-street, New-York, 1799. Call No: C2 1799 Bu.
Butler, Charles, The American lady. Philadelphia: Hogan & Thompson, 1839. Call No: C2 1839 Bu.
Caldwell, Charles (1772-1853). Thoughts on physical education: being a discourse delivered to a convention of teachers in Lexington, Ky. on the 6th and 7th of Nov. 1833. Boston: Marsh, Capen & Lyon. 1834. Call No: C2 1834 Ca.
Campbell, Alexander (1788-1866). Popular lectures and addresses. Philadelphia : J. Challen & Son, 1866. Call No: C2 1866 Ca.
Chandler, Daniel of Washington (Ga.) An address on female education, delivered before the Demosthenian & Phi Kappa societies, on the day after commencement, in the University of Georgia. Washington, Ga., Printed by William A. Mercer, 1835. Call No: C2 1835 Ch
Clark, J.B. Address. Washington, Pa., Christman & Clokey, printers, 1856. Call No: Pam 1856 Cl.
Clarke, Edward Hammond (1820-1877). Sex in education, or, A fair chance for the girls. By Edward H. Clarke, M. D. ... Boston: James R. Osgood and company, 1873. Call No: C2 1873 Cl .
Comfort, George Fisk, (1833-1910). Woman's education, and woman's health: chiefly in reply to "Sex in education." Syracuse Thos. W. Durston & co., 1874. Call No: C2 1874 Co.
Dall, Caroline Wells (Healy) (1822-1912). The college, the market, and the court; or, Woman's relation to education, labor, and law. Boston: Lee and Shepard. 1867. Call No: C2 1867 Da.
Dana, Daniel (1771-1859.) Hints on reading. An address delivered in the Ipswich female seminary, January 15, 1834. Newburyport, Published by the committee; printed at the Essex-North register office, 1834. Call No: C2 1834 Da.
Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802). A plan for the conduct of female education, in boarding schools, private families, and public seminaries. Philadelphia: Printed by John Ormrod, no. 41, Chesnut-street. 1798. Call No: C2 1798 Da.
Doggett, Simeon (1765-1852) A discourse on education, delivered at the dedication and opening of Bristol academy, the 18th day of July, A.D., 1796. Newbedford (Massa.)-- Printed by J. Spooner, 1797. Call No: C2 1797 Do.
Dow, E. Dean. Parents and their daughters, or A concise view of female education and the true notion of parental responsibility. Philadelphia: C. Sherman, printer. 1849. Call No: Pam 1849 Do.
Embe. Stiya, a Carlisle Indian girl at home : founded on the author's actual observations. Cambridge, Mass.: Printed at the Riverside Press, 1891. Call No: C2 1891 Em
Emerson, Joseph (1777-1833). Female education. A discourse, delivered at the dedication of the Seminary hall in Saugus, Jan. 15, 182. To which is added, The little reckoner, consisting principally of arithmetical questions for infant minds. Boston, S.T. Armstrong and Crocker & Brewster; New York, J.P. Haven, 1822. Call No: C2 1822 Em.
Emerson, Joseph (1777-1833). Prospectus of the Female seminary, at Wethersfied, Ct. Comprising a general prospectus, course of instruction, maxims of education, and regulations of the seminary. With notes, relating to books, branches of literature, methods of instructions, &c&c. Wethersfield: A. Francis, printer. 1826. Call No: Pam 1826 Em.
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Long Island. Bishop (1869-1901 : Littlejohn). The church's duty to the family : the triennial charge of the Rt. Rev. A.N. Littlejohn, D.D., LL.D., bishop of the Diocese of Long Island, to the clergy and laity in convention assembled in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, May 27th, 1884. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Press of Tremlett & Co., 1884. Call No: Pam 1884 Ep.
Fairbanks, Mary J. Mason Emma Willard and her pupils, or, Fifty years of Troy Female Seminary, 1822-1872. New York: Mrs. Russell Sage, c1898. Call No: 512 Em.
Flint, Timothy (1780-1840). Lectures upon natural history, geology, chemistry, the application of steam, and interesting discoveries in the arts ... Boston: Lilly, Wait, Colman, and Holden. Cincinnati: E.H. Flint. 1833. Call No: C2 1833 Fl.
Fory, M.R. An address delivered before the Philomathean society of Mrs. Du Pre's female seminary, Charleston, S.C. on the evening of March the 29th 1847. Charleston, S.C. Miller & Browne, no. 4 Broad-Street. 1847. Call No: Pam 1847 Fo.
Garnett, James Mercer (1770-1843). Lectures on female education : comprising the first and second series of a course delivered to Mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Elm-wood, Essex County, Virginia. Richmond [Va.]: Thomas W. White, 1825. Call No: C2 1825 Ga.
Garnett, James Mercer (1770-1843). Lectures on various topicks of morals, manners, conduct, and intellectual improvement. Addressed to Mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Elm- Wood, Essex county, Virginia, 1825-6. Richmond: Printed and published by Thomas W. White, proprietor of the copy-right. 1827. Call No: C2 1827 Ga..
Garnett, James Mercer (1770-1843). Seven lectures on female education, inscribed to Mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Elm-Wood, Essex county; by their very sincere friend James M. Garnett. Richmond. Printed and published by T.W. White, Market-Bridge. 1824. Call No: C2 1824 Ga.
Green, Ashbel (1762-1848). The Christian duty of Christian women. A discourse, delivered in the church of Princeton, New-Jersey, August 23, 1825, before the Princeton female society, for the support of a female school in India. [Princeton, N. J.] Princeton Press, Printed for the Society, by D. A. Borrenstein. 1825. Call No: C2 1812 Gr.
Hall, Samuel Read (1795-1877). Lectures to female teachers on school-keeping. Boston: Published by Richardson, Lord & Holbrook. No. 133, Washington-Street. 1832. Call No: C2 1832 Ha.
Hamilton, Elizabeth (1758-1816). Letters on the elementary principles of education. Alexandria: Printed by Cottom & Stewart, for Samuel Bishop. 1803. Call No: C2 1803 Ha.
Harris, Samuel. The complete academic education of females. A report presented to a convention of the friends of education, assembled March 31, 1853, at the chapel of the Young ladies' institute, Pittsfield, Mass., together with the proceedings of the convention. New Haven: T.J. Stafford, printer. 1853. Call No: Pam 1853 Ha.
Hawes, Joel (1789-1867). "A looking-glass for ladies"; or, The formation and excellence of the female character. An address delivered at the eighth anniversary of the Mount Holyoke female seminary, South Hadley, Mass., July 31, 1845. Boston, W.D. Ticknor and company, 1845. Call No: Pam 1845 Ha.
Howe, Julia Ward (1819-1910), ed. Sex and education. A reply to Dr. E. H. Clarke's "Sex in education." Boston: Roberts brothers, 1874. Call No: C2 1874 Ho.
Huntington, Frederic Dan, bp. (1819-1904). A sermon preached on the fiftieth anniversary of the Boston female asylum, Sept. 20, 1850. Boston: Printed by John Wilson, 21, School Street. 1850. Call No: Pam 1850 Hu.
Irving, John Treat (1778-1838). Address delivered on the opening of the New-York high-school for females, January 31, 1826. New-York, Printed by W.A. Mercein, 1826. Call No: Pam 1826 Ir.
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826). Notes on the state of Virginia. Boston, Lilly and Wait, 1832. Call No: Je 2.
Jenkins, Daphne Smith (Giles) (b. 1812). The Religious and Political Influence of Educated and Uneducated Females. Boston, 1849. Call No: C2 1849 Je.
Lancaster, Joseph (1778-1838). Improvements in education, as it respects the industrious classes of the community: containing, among other important particulars, an account of the institution for the education of one thousand poor children, Borough road, Southwark; and of the new system of education on which it is conducted. New-York: Printed and sold by Collins and Perkins. 1807. Call No: C2 1807 La.
Le Conte. An address, delivered on commencement day of the Laurensville female college : June 28, 1860. Laurensville, S.C. : James Hollingsworth, printer, 1860. Call No: Pam 1860 LE.
Le Prince de Beaumont, Marie (1711-1780). The Young misses' magazine: containing dialogues between a governess and several young ladies of quality, her scholars. In which each lady is made to speak according to her particular genius, temper, and inclination ... Translated from the French of Mad. Le Prince de Beaumont ... New-York: Printed for Campbell and Mitchell, booksellers, 124 Pearl-Street. 1807. Call No: J 1807 Le.
Ludlow, John (1793-1857). An address delivered at the opening of the new Female academy in Albany, May 12, 1834. Albany : Packard and Van Benthuysen, 1834. Call No: Pam 1834 LU.
Luther, Seth. An address on the origin and progress of avarice, and its deleterious effects on human happiness, with a proposed remedy for the countless evils resulting from an inordinate desire for wealth. Boston: Published by the author. 1834. Call No: C2 1834 Lu.
Magaw, Samuel (1740-1812). An address, delivered in the Young ladies academy, at Philadelphia, on February 8th, 1787. At the close of a public examination. Philadelphia: Printed for Thomas Dobson, bookseller, in Second-street, second door above Chesnut-street. M,DCC,LXXXVII 1787]. Call No: C2 1787 Ma.
Magill, Edward Hicks (1825-1907). An address upon the co-education of the sexes. Philadelphia : C.A. Dixon & Co., stationers and steam-power printers, 1873. Call No: Pam 1873 Ma.
Mann, Horace (1796-1859). A few thoughts on the powers and duties of woman. Two lectures. Syracuse: Hall, Mills, and company. 1853. Call No: C2 1852 Ma.
Mann, Merman (1772-1833). The female review: or, Memoirs of an American young lady; whose life and character are peculiarly distinguished--being a continental soldier, for nearly three years, in the late American war. During which time, she performed the duties of every department, into which she was called, with punctual exactness, fidelity and honor, and preserved her chastity inviolate, by the most artful concealment of her sex. Dedham [Mass.] Printed by Nathaniel and Benjamin Heaton, for the author, 1797. Call No: C2 1797 Ma.
McCabe, John Collins (1810-1875). Address delivered before the patrons and pupils of Hampton academy, July 30, 1853. Richmond. 1853. Call No: Pam 1853 Ma.
McCabe, Lida Rose (b. 1865). The American girl at college. New York : Dodd, Mead & co., 1893. Call No: C2 1893 Ma.
Milns, William (1761-1801). Plan of instruction by private classes; principally intended for those who wish to give the finishing polish to their education: including some remarks on the cultivation of the female mind. New-York: Printed by Samuel Loudon & son, no. 82 Water-street, 1794. Call No: C2 1794 Mi.
More, Hannah (1745-1833). Strictures on the modern system of female education. With a view of the principles and conduct prevalent among women of rank and fortune. Charlestown, Printed by Samuel Etheridge, For E. Larkin, No. 47, Cornhill, Boston, 1800. Call No: C2 1800 Mo.
Morehead, Charles Slaughter (1802-1868). An address delivered on the second anniversary of Van Doren's collegiate institute for young ladies, in the city of Lexington, Kentucky, on the last Thursday in July, 1833. Lexington, Ky., Printed by Wm. M. Todd and Thos. T. Skillman. 1833. Call No: C2 1831 Pa no. 7.
Muzzey, A.B. (Artemas Bowers), (1802-1892). The young maiden. Boston: W. Crosby Co., 1842. Call No: C2 1842 Mu.
Peacock, Mary (1821-1912). The journal of Mary Peacock : life a century ago as seen in Buffalo and Chautauqua County by a seventeen year old girl in boarding school and elsewhere. Buffalo, N.Y., privately printed, 1938. Call No: C2 1938 Pe
Peirce, Charles. The Portsmouth miscellany, or Lady's library improved: designed as a reading book, for the use of young ladies' academies. Prepared and published by Charles Peirce. Copy right secured. Portsmouth, N.H. Peirce, Hill and Peirce, printers. Nov. 1, 1804. Call No: C2 1804 Pe.
Phelps, Lincoln (1793-1884). Familiar lectures on botany. Including practical and elementary botany, with generic and specific descriptions of the most common native and foreign plants, and a vocabulary of botanic terms. For the use of higher schools and academies. Hartford: Published by H. and F.J. Huntington; G. & C. & H. Carvill, New York; Richardson & Lord, Boston. 1829. Call No: C2 1829 Ph.
Phelps, Lincoln, Mrs. (1793-1884). The female student; or, Lectures to young ladies on female education. For the use of mothers, teachers, and pupils. New-York: Published by Leavitt, Lord & co., 180 Broadway. Boston:--Crocker & Brewster. 1836. Call No: C2 1836 Ph.
Pierce, Henry Miller (1831-1902). Address to the second graduating class of Rutgers Female College : delivered in the West Presbyterian Church (Rev. Dr. Hastings') on Sabbath evening, May 31st, 1868. New York : Agathynian Press, 1868. Call No: Pam 1868 Pi.
Rankin, Edward E. Design of woman's education. An address, delivered June 20, 1858, at the Raymond institute, Carmel, N.Y. Philadelphia, C. Sherman & son, 1859. Call No: Pam 1859 Ra.
Reichel, William Cornelius (1824-1876). A history of the Moravian seminary for young ladies, at Bethlehem, Pa., with a catalogue of its pupils, 1785-1870. Bethlehem, Pa.: Pub. for the Seminary, 1901. Call No: 512 Mo.
Reid, Marion (Kirkland). A plea for woman: being a vindication of the importance of her natural sphere of action. With remarks on recent works on the subject. New York: Farmer & Daggers, XXX Ann Street. 1845. Call No: C2 1845 Re.
Rich, Ezekiel. Thrten lcturs, on a nw, slf-suportng systm of jnrl & librl education, fr both sxs, espsly femals. To which is add, an esa, aplyng this systm to the education of a stat r nation ... Also, som stps fr litrry rform ... Rochester: Printed by Shepard & Reed ... [c1848]. Call No: C2 1848 Ri.
Ricord, Elizabeth Stryker (1788-1865). Elements of the philosophy of mind, applied to the development of thought and feeling. Geneva [N.Y.]: Published by John N. Bogert. New-York: Collins, Keese and co. and for sale by the booksellers generally. MDCCCXL [1840]. Call No: C2 1840 Ri.
Roberts, Philetus. Memoir of Mrs. Abigail Roberts, an account of her birth, early education, call to the ministry, varied and extensive labors, and the success which attended her in several states, with many interesting incidents of her life. Irvington, N.J.: Published at the office of the Christian Messenger and Christian Palladium, by Moses Cummings. 1858. Call No: C2 1858 Ro.
Rowson, Susanna (Haswell) (1762-1824). Mentoria: or The young lady's friend. In two volumes. Philadelphia: Printed for Robert Campbell, by Samuel Harrison Smith. M.DCC.XCIV [1794] Call No: C 1794 Ro.
Rush, Benjamin (1745-1813). Thoughts upon female education, accommodated to the present state of society, manners, and government, in the United States of America. Addressed to the visitors of the Young ladies' academy in Philadelphia, 28 July, 1787, at the close of the quarterly examination. Philadelphia: Printed by Prichard & Hall, in Market street, between Front and Second streets. M.DCC.LXXXVII. [1787]. Call No: C2 1787 Ru.
Russell, William (1798-1873). The education of females. An address, read at the close of the autumn term of Abbot female academy, Andover, Mass. Nov. 21, 1843. 1843. Call No: C2 1843 Ru.
Seiss, Joseph Augustus (1823-1904). The arts of design : especially as related to female education : an address delivered in the hall of the Maryland Institute at the commencement of the Female Department of the School of Design, November 25th, 1856. Baltimore : Printed by John Murphy & Co., 1857. Call No: C2 1845 Se no. 6.
Sigourney, L.H. (Lydia Howard) (1791-1865). Letters to young ladies. Hartford: Printed by P. Canfield. 1833. Call No: C2 1833 Si.
Sleeper, Sarah. Memoir of the late Marth Hazeltine Smith. Boston: Printed by Freeman and Bolles. MDCCCXLIII [1843]. Call No: C2 1843 Sl.
Smith, William B. On wheels and how I came there; a real story for real boys and girls ... New York: Hunt & Eaton; Cincinnati: Cranston & Curts, 1893. Call No: S Il Sm.
Stanton, Robert Livingston (1810-1885). Female heroism: an address, delivered before the literary societies of the Oxford female college, June 24, 1857. Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach, Keys & co., 25 West Fourth Street, 1857. Call No: C2 1857 St.
Tefft, B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) (1813-1885). An inaugural address pronounced before the trustees of Genesee College on being inducted into office as president of the institution, July 10, 1851. Cincinnati : Printed at the Methodist Book Concern, R.P. Thompson, printer, 1851. Call No: Pam 1851 Te.
Tracy, Charles C. (Charles Chapin) (1838-1917). Myra, or, A child's story of missionary Life. Boston: Congregational Pub. Society, [1876?]. Call No.: Ph 1876 Tr.
Van Rensselaer, Cortlant (1808-1860). Female education; its principles and field. An address delivered at the Blairsville female seminary, Pa. September 27th, 1853. Philadelphia: 1853. Call No: C2 1841 Va.
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt (1808-1860). Old age: a funeral sermon, preached in the F. Street Presbyterian church, in Washington, September 15th, on the occasion of the death of Joseph Nourse, (who was fifty-three years in the service of the government, and still longer a member of the church.) Washington, D.C. 1841. Call No: C2 1841 Va.
Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes (1842-1939). More chronicles of a pioneer school from 1972 to 1833 : being added history on the Litchfield Female Academy kept by Miss Sarah Pierce and her nephew, John Pierce Brace. New York : Cadmus Book Shop, 1927. Call No: 512 Li.
Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes (1842-1939). Chronicles of a pioneer school from 1792 to 1833: being the history of Miss Sarah Pierce and her Litchfield School. Cambridge, Mass. : University Press, 1903. Call No: 512 Li.
Weaver, G.S. (George Sumner) (1818-1908.) Aims and aids for girls and young women on the various duties of life : including physical, intellectual, and moral development, self-culture, improvement, dress, beauty, fashion, employment, education, the home relations, their duties to young men, marriage, womanhood, and happiness. New York: Fowler and Wells, 1856. Call No: C2 1856 We.
Webb, Samuel. History of Pennsylvania Hall, which was destroyed by a mob, on the 17th of May, 1838 ... Philadelphia: Printed by Merrihew and Gunn, No. 7 Carter's alley. 1838. Call No: C2 1838 We.
Willard, Emma (1787-1870). Advancement of female education: or, A series of addresses, in favor of establishing at Athens, in Greece, a female seminary, especially designed to instruct female teachers. Troy [N.Y.]: Printed by Norman Tuttle. 1833. Call No: C2 1833 Wi.
Willard, Emma (1787-1870.) An address to the public; particularly to the members of the Legislature of New-York, proposing a plan for improving female education. Middlebury [Vt.] Printed by J.W. Copeland. 1819. Call No: C2 1819 Wi.
Willard, Harriet J. Familiar lessons for little girls on kitchen and dining-room work. For industrial schools and for homes. Chicago: Geo. Sherwood & company. [c1880]. Call No: C2 1880 Wi.
Winslow, Hubbard (1799-1864). The Lady’s Manual of Moral and Intellectual Culture, or the Benison. New-York, 1854. Call No: C2 1854 Wi.
Chandler, Daniel of Washington (Ga.). An address on female education, delivered before the Demosthenian & Phi Kappa societies, on the day after commencement, in the University of Georgia. Washington, Ga., Printed by William A. Mercer, 1835. Call No: C2 1835 Ch.
[Author not given]. Annual report of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Industrial School for Girls. Middletown, Conn. : Pelton & King, 1876. Call No: Serials 2 Con In.
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