William L. Clements Library

Past Research Fellows, 2012-2017

Name Year Fellowship Title
Ablavsky, Gregory 2014 Price Sovereignty, Nation-Building, and the Law in U.S. Territories, 1783-1803
Baer, Friederike 2015 Price The Hessians and Other German Auxiliary Troops in the War of American Independence
Bauer, Brooke 2015 Price The Effects of Eighteenth-Century War on the Lives of Catawba Indian Women
Beales, Kristen E. 2016 Price Religion and Commerce in Eighteenth Century America
Bell-Romero, Nicolas 2017 Price The Creation of Loyalism in Revolutionary Virginia, 1768-89
Bergman, Stephanie 2012 Price The Colonial Landscape of Material Improvement: An Archaeological and Historic Study of St. Nicholas Abbey Sugar Plantation, Barbados, WI
Birkenstein, Jeff 2014 Upton Community and Story in Pre-19th Century American Cookbooks
Bottiger, Patrick 2016 Reese A Shared Memory?: Native Oral Histories, Anglo Printed Pasts, and the Creation of Tippecanoe
Brinkman, Anna 2015 Price Agency of War: Prize Law and British Foreign Policy, 1756-1784
Brooking, Greg 2014 Price 'The powers of government are wrested out of my hands': Sir James Write and the Struggle for Power in Colonial Georgia.
Brumwell, Stephen 2015 Price Honor and Treason: Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty
Bui, L. Bao 2013 Price 'I Feel Impelled to Write': Social Networking and the Culture of Letter Writing During the Civil War
Burset, Christian 2013 Price The Development of Legal Pluralism in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire
Carmody, Todd 2017 Townshend In Spite of Handicaps: Uplift and Rehabilitation in Postbellum America
Chopra, Ruma 2012 Peckham Imperial Governance After the American Revolution: The Logic of British Rule in Canada, in the Caribbean and in India
Cirillo, Frank 2015 Price The Day of Sainthood Has Passed: American Abolitionists and the Golden Moment of the Civil War
Cohn, Arthur Bruce 2015 Earhart Connected by History: Sir Henry Clinton and Benedict Arnold During the Revolutionary War
Cohn, Arthur Bruce 2016 Peckham Connected by History: Sir Henry Clinton and Benedict Arnold During the Revolutionary War
Collins, John 2016 Price The Ghost of Thomas of Lancaster: Wartime and Emancipation in the American Revolution
Connolly, Emilie 2015 Price Indian Trust Funds and the Routes of American Capitalism, 1795-1865
Cox, Michael Leonard 2012 Price Wyandot Communities and the War of 1812
Croxall, Christine Alice 2012 Price Holy Waters: Lived Religion, Identity and Loyalty Along the Mississippi River, 1780-1830
Daggar, Lori 2014 Price Negotiating American Imperialism: Quakers, Native Americans, and the U.S. State in the Ohio Country, 1754-1840
Davies, Huw J. 2012 Price Institutional Memory in the British Army, 1781-1815: Military Lessons from the British Strategic Defeat in the American Revolutionary War
De Francesco, Antonino 2014 Reese Publishing the Federalist in 19th Century United States: A Political Bibliography
Denis, Vincent 2012 Price A British Commissioner in Paris: The Letters of William Mildmay (1750-1755)
Deringer, William P. 2014 Price Calculated Values: Financial Politics and the Quantitative Age, 1688-1776
Diaz, Erin R. Corrales 2013 Price Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma, and the American Civil War, 1861-1915
Dorner, Zachary 2014 Price Expert Individuals and Networked Pharmaceuticals: The making of Britain's Global Empire in the Eighteenth Century
Draper, Mary 2016 Price The Urban World of the Early Modern British Caribbean
DuRivage, Justin 2014 Price Taxing Empire: Political Economy and the Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
DuRivage, Justin 2015 Upton Revolution Against Empire: Taxes, Politics, and the Origins of American Independence
Dziennik, Matthew P. 2012 Earhart Our Sovereign Lord the Mob: Committee and Community in Revolutionary America
Fagal, Andrew J.B. 2014 Upton Guns and Butter: The Political Economy of War in the Early Republic
Finseth, Ian 2012 Earhart Born in Flame: Civil War Mortality and the Making of Modern America
Flavell, Julie 2015 Upton Breed of Heroes: Inside the Howe Dynasty
Florio, Christopher M. 2016 Price The Poor Always with You: Poverty in an Age of Emancipation, 1833-1879
Freeman, Mary T. 2015 Price Letter Writing and Politics in the Campaign Against Slavery in the United States, 1830-1870
Gallman, Nancy O. 2016 Price American Constitutions: Life, Liberty, and Property in Colonial East Florida
Gardner, Sarah E. 2014 Earhart Reading Confederate Defeat
Gigantino, James J. 2012 Price Freedom and Slavery in the Garden of America: African Americans and Abolition in New Jersey, 1775-1861
Graham, Aaron 2013 Earhart The Imperial State: Fiscal-Military State Formation in the Atlantic World, 1754-1783
Grenier, John 2013 Peckham Robert Rogers: American Servant of the British Crown
Grom, Brenton 2014 Price The Death and Transfiguration of New England Psalmody
Hartog, Jonathan Den 2012 Price Transatlantic Anti-Jacobinism
Hatter, Lawrence B.A. 2012 Price A People in Between: The Laurentine Trade and the Making of an American State, 1763-1825
Haynes, April R. 2013 Earhart Riotous Flesh: Gender, Race, and the Solitary Vice
Herdeck, Margaret L. 2017 Price Befriending Catholics, Risking Empire: The Quebec Act of 1774
Herrmann, Rachel B. 2013 Price 'No Useless Mouth': Food Diplomacy, Victual Warfare, and the Revolutionary Atlantic
Heyd, Uriel 2012 Reese The Culture of Newspaper Reading in the British Atlantic
Howard, Joy A.J. 2014 Upton Iroquois Captive and Haudenosaunee Interpreter: Reconstructing the Borderlands Life of Rebecca Kellogg Ashley
Johnson, Donald F. 2012 Price Occupied America: Politics and Society in Revolutionary Cities Under British Rule, 1774-1783
Johnson, Donald F. 2016 Upton Occupied America: Military Rule and the Everyday Experience of Revolution
Jones, Trenton Cole 2015 Peckham Captive of Liberty: Prisoners of War and the Radicalization of the American Revolution
Juergens, Christian 2014 Price For Profit and Reform: Meritocratic Military Organization and Soldatenhandel in the American Revolution
Keiter, Lindsay 2017 Price Uniting Interests: Love, Money, and the Law in American Marriage, 1750-1860
Kelton, Paul 2014 Upton Empires of Blood: Indigenous Peoples and the Fight For North America, 1754-1783
Keyes, Sarah 2013 Upton Reckoning Ground: The Overland Trail and America's National Narrative, 1824-1915
Kokomoor, Kevin 2017 Peckham Stories of Law and Justice on a Southern Frontier
Kulikoff, Allan 2017 Peckham Violence, Wartime Devastation, and the Origins of the American Republic
LaFay, Elaine 2017 Price Atmospheric Bodies: Medicine, Meteorology, and the Cultivation of Place in the Antebellum Gulf South
Lantz, Katie 2016 Price Contested Futures: Anishinaabe and American Societies in the Great Lakes, 1790-1840
Layton, Brandon 2017 Price Children of Two Fires: Childhood, Diplomacy, and Change Among the Choctaws and Chickasaws
Lee, Jacob F. 2012 Price Imaginary Empires: Natives, Newcomers, and Networks in the Illinois Country, 1550-1840
Lee, Paul 2012 Price Soldiers in the Southeast: British Troops, Colonists, Indians, and Slaves in Southeastern North America, 1756-1763
Lynn, Joshua A. 2013 Price Conservative Democracy: The Principles and Practices of the National Democratic Party Before the Civil War
Marrero, Karen 2012 Earhart Making New Nations: Natives, Métis, and Euro-Americans and the Reconfiguration of the Midwest in the Nineteenth Century
Martin, Shannon E. 2013 Reese Social Media and Participatory Democracy in the 21st Century: Public Notice and the World-Wide Web
Maskell, Caleb J.D. 2013 Price The Kingdom of God and the Transformation of American Religious Imagination, 1830-1877
Minty, Christopher 2015 Upton United by Association: Partisanship and the Origins of the American Revolution
Mortimer, Loren Michael 2017 Price 'While the Mountains Remain and the Rivers Run': Indigenous Power and Presence in the St. Lawrence Borderlands, 1608-1820
Newman, Brooke N. 2012 Upton Island Masters: Gender, Race, and Power in the Eighteenth-Century British Caribbean
Papsdorf, Daniel 2016 Price Power and Persuasion: Natives and Non-Natives in the Mississippi Valley, 1763-1803
Pearl, Christopher R. 2012 Price For the Good Order of Government: The America Revolution and the Creation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1740-1790
Pellizzari, Peter R. 2017 Price Empire Reformed: Massachusetts, Jamaica, and the Remaking of the British Empire, 1763-1775
Pitock, Toni 2015 Price Commerce and Connection: Jewish Merchants, Philadelphia, and the Atlantic World, 1740-1822
Polhemus, Neal 2015 Price A Culture of Commodification: Hemispheric and Intercolonial Migrations in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, 1660-1807
Putman, Tyler Rudd 2016 Price The Incommunicable Experience of War, 1775-1918
Quintanilla, Mark 2016 Peckham The West Indian Frontier: British Colonization of the Ceded Islands
Ray, Kristofer 2013 Price Cherokees and Trans-Appalachian Empire in the British Imagination, 1670-1763
Ray, Kristofer 2014 Earhart Cherokees, Europeans, and Empire in the Tennessee Corridor, 1670-1763
Reichardt, Alyssa Z. 2013 Price A New War: French, British, and Iroquois Imperial Communication Networks and the Contest for the Ohio Valley, 1737-1768
Reynoso, Jacqueline 2014 Price Placing the American Revolution: The British Province of Quebec in the Greater Colonial Struggle
Rindfleisch, Bryan C. 2016 Price Possessed of the most Extensive Trade Connexions, and Influence: The Atlantic Intimacies of an Eighteenth-Century Indian Trader
Robles, Whitney Barlow 2017 Price Curious Species: The Animals Who Made Natural History, 1700-1820
Rosenblithe, Bryan 2012 Price Where Tyranny Begins: British Imperial Expansion and the Origins of the American Revolution, 1759-1766
Ruminski, Jarret 2013 Upton To Ply Their Nefarious Calling: Violent Crime in the American Civil War
Ryzewski, Krysta 2014 Upton Forging Independence: A Social History of Technological Innovation at the Illicit Rhode Island Ironworks of General Nathanael Greene
Sammons, Franklin 2017 Price The Long Life of Yazoo: Land, Finance, and the Political Economy of Dispossession, 1789-1840
Schneider, Elena Andrea 2013 Price The Struggle for Cuba: Slavery, War, and Empire in the Eighteenth Century
Schweitzer, Teagan 2012 Upton Defining American Cuisine: An Exploration of American Identity Through Examination of Early American Foodways
Seeley, Samantha 2013 Price Freedom, Race, and Forced Migration in the Early American Republic
Sellick, Gary 2016 Price A Fleeting Glimpse of Freedom: The Evolution of British Emancipation Policy During the Revolutionary War
Skidmore, William E, II 2016 Price A Nation of Abolitionists: The Rise of the Global Antislavery Movement, 1840-1890
Smithers, Gregory D. 2012 Earhart The Cherokee Diaspora: A History of Indigenous Identity
Smoak, Katherine L. 2014 Price Circulating Counterfeits: Making Money and its Meanings in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic
Stockwell, Mary 2012 Earhart Confessions of a Mad General: The Life and Times of Anthony Wayne
Stockwell, Mary 2015 Earhart Unlikely General: 'Mad' Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America
Sturtevant, Andrew 2014 Upton Jealous Neighbors: Rivalry and Alliance Among the Native Communities of Detroit, 1701-1766
Templier, Sarah 2016 Price Merchants, Shopkeepers, Smugglers and Thieves: Circulating and Consuming Textiles and Clothing in the Eighteenth-Century French and British Empires
Thode, Simon Andre 2012 Price The Observational Sciences and Their Use in the Development of the Early United States, 1770-1820
Tourangeau, Catherine 2016 Price An Ocean of Joiners: Voluntary Associations in the British Atlantic
Valmori, Niccolo 2017 Earhart Trade, Finance, and Politics in the Atlantic World During the Age of Revolution, 1763-1815
Van Duzer, Chet 2014 Price The Hand-Colored Copies of the 1513 Edition of Ptolemy's Geography: Focusing on the Clements Library Exemplar
Verhoeven, Wil 2013 Upton Enemies of the State: Sedition and Resistance in the Trans-Allegheny West, 1776-1806
Verhoeven, Wil 2015 Earhart The Revolution of America: The Ideological Origins of the American Exceptionalism
Vickers, Vikki 2014 Earhart Parchment Barriers: American Citizenship in the 18th Century
Weicksel, Sarah 2014 Price The Fabric of War: Clothing, Culture and Violence in the American Civil War Era
Wigmore, Gregory 2014 Peckham The Limits of Empire: Allegiance, Opportunity, And Imperial Rivalry in the Canadian-American Borderland
Wright, Ben 2015 Upton Antislavery and American Salvation
Wyman-McCarthy, Matthew 2012 Price Empire After America: The American Revolution and the Origins of British Abolitionism, c. 1775-1793
Zonderman, Andrew 2017 Price Embracing Empire: Eighteenth-Century German Migrants and the Development of the British Imperial System