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Resource Guides for the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive

Culinary history covers a wide variety of topics pertaining to public and private life. The culinary and domestic materials in the Culinary Archive include works on foods and beverages, cooking, eating, diet, nutrition, raising food, entertaining, the management of the household, the marketing of foodstuffs and kitchen equipment, and many other subjects. Within these topics you will find material that sheds light on matters of identity, consumption, work, leisure, the family, social relations, and much else in American life. These resource guides provide aid in navigating the collection to find material on this diverse array of topics. The guides include descriptions of subject areas and sub-genres within them, and lists of titles that may be of interest to the researcher. For information on other topics and genres within the Culinary Archive, please contact the curator, JJ Jacobson, at nonesuch@umich.edu.

Culinary Ephemera Guide

Domestic Manuals Guide

Advice to New Housekeepers Guide

Gardening Materials Guide

Gender Expectations and Roles Guide

Domestic Service Materials Guide

Diet Reform Guide

Food and Beverage Retailing Guide

African American Authors Guide