William L. Clements Library

Map Division Bibliography

The Clements and its map curators have published numerous articles, monographs and bibliographies, which have made significant contributions to the study of historical cartography. Two printed guides to the manuscript map holdings at the Clements are available:

* Adams, Randolph G. British Headquarters Maps and Sketches Used by Sir Henry Clinton . . . (Ann Arbor, 1928).

* Brun, Christian. Guide to the Manuscript Maps in the William L. Clements Library (Ann Arbor, 1959).

Printed maps are described in:

* Marshall, Douglas W., ed. Research Catalog of Maps on North America to 1860 in the William L. Clements Library (4 vols.; Boston, 1972).

A comprehensive bibliography of maps printed in America before 1800 was compiled using the collections at the Clements, supplemented by photostats from other institutions:

* Wheat, James Clements and Christian F. Brun. Maps and Charts Published in America Before 1800, 2nd rev. ed. (London, 1985)