William L. Clements Library

Duplication Requests

Fee Schedule

Service fee (per order) $10.00
Photocopies (paper or pdf format) $1.00/page
Digital images 300 dpi
- in-house scanning
Digital images 300 dpi
- outside scanning or photographic service required
$45.00/image 1st image
$15.00/image additional images
Postage and handling Additional Charge

Duplication Policies and Procedures

Registered users can request photocopies or digital images of Clements material, up to a 50 page limit per project.

  1. If you have any questions about the collections, go to Ask a Curator on the left. We encourage you to contact us before placing a duplication request to confirm whether the materials may be copied or scanned, and for a cost estimate.
  2. Before placing a request, you will need to create an account and fill out a registration form. Go to Create Account at the top of the page to get started and follow the instructions.
  3. If you have already registered for an online account with us, you can make a request through your account. Go to Account Login at the top of the page, log in, and then select "Request Duplication."

Reproductions are provided at the discretion of the curators. Some items may be too fragile to copy. Complete collections will not be copied. The Library will cancel a request if it is over the 50 page limit or materials are too fragile to be copied. We will contact you to resubmit your request if more information is needed to complete it.

Copies are provided for the use of individual readers only and may not be deposited in other institutions.

Pre-payment is required for all orders. Researchers will be able to approve the costs before fees are charged or any duplication work is done.

If you will be quoting from or using an image from our collections in a publication, please read more about the Clements Library's policies on copyright, use, and attribution.