William L. Clements Library

Brian Leigh Dunnigan

Associate Director and Curator of Maps

Email: briand@umich.edu
Direct Phone: 734-647-4492


I serve as the Library’s Associate Director and also oversee our extensive collections of maps of the Americas. My particular interests in cartography are manuscript military maps and plans of the 18th and early 19th centuries, town and fortification plans, and the mapping of the Great Lakes.


I have been with the Clements Library since 1996, serving as Curator of Maps for most of that time but also as Interim Director in 2007-2008 and associate director since July 2010. Previously, for seventeen years, I was Executive Director of Old Fort Niagara, a historic site in New York State. My M.A. degrees are in history and museum practices, and I have written and published on the early history of the Great Lakes, particularly the Detroit, Niagara, and Straits of Mackinac regions.


As Associate Director I assist the Library’s director and supervise the curators of our different divisions. I care for the map collection and edit and produce The Quarto, the semi-annual publication of the Clements Library Associates. I also help administer the Library’s fellowship programs.