William L. Clements Library

Tracy Payovich

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Tracy Gierada

Email: tgierada@umich.edu
Direct Phone: 734-647-0864


In October 2018, I joined the Development office at the William L. Clements Library as Marketing & Communications Assistant.


I attended the University of Michigan for my BA in History (2006) and I earned the James A. Knight Scholarship in History for my undergraduate honors thesis. Continuing my focus on American history, I also graduated from Brown University with an MA in Public Humanities (2008). My career began with internships at the Newport Historical Society and work for non-profit local history museums in Michigan.


As Marketing & Communications Assistant, I have a range of duties to help connect scholars, supporters, and our broader community with the mission of the Clements Library. I work on the social media presence and website, design and production for marketing materials and publications, and the organization of lectures and events.