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Clements Library Associates Board of Governors


The University of Michigan Board of Regents chartered the Clements Library Associates in October 1947 “for the purpose of increasing the collections and resources of the Clements Library and of broadening the scope, services, and usefulness of the Library.” 


Members represent the diversity of society at large.  It is the intention of the board to seek candidates who hail from all regions of the United States, represent the Clements Library’s various constituencies, and may or may not have a degree relationship with the University of Michigan.  Selection for membership is based upon demonstration of outstanding professional achievement, alignment with the Clements Library’s mission, commitment to the long-term vitality of the Clements Library, and enhancement of the board’s breadth and diversity.


Members of the Associates’ Board of Governors should make substantive contributions to the mission of the Library in the following ways:

1. Believe in and be an active advocate for the mission and vision of the Library.

2. Contribute financially in a meaningful way.

3. Assist in Library fundraising efforts.

4. Provide personal and professional expertise for the benefit of the Library.

5. Identify and cultivate relationships to support the Library.

6. Regularly attend and actively participate in Board meetings.

7. Attend Library programs and fundraising events.

8. Avoid conflicts of interest with the Library and keep the Board apprised of any that arise. Adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct.

Bradley L. Thompson II, Chairman
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Paul J. Erickson, Secretary
Ann Arbor, Michigan

John R. Axe
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

John L. Booth II
Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan

Kristin A. Cabral
McLean, Virginia

Candace Dufek
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Charles R. Eisendrath
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Derek J. Finley
Brandon, Mississippi

Peter Heydon, Chair Emeritus*
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Eliza Finkenstaedt Hillhouse
Littleton, Colorado

Troy E. Hollar
Tuscon, Arizona

Martha S. Jones
Baltimore, Maryland

Sally Kennedy
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Joan Knoertzer
Ann Arbor, Michigan

James E. Laramy
Ada, Michigan

Thomas C. Liebman
Lake Barrington, Illinois

Richard C. Marsh
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Janet Mueller
St. Peter, Minnesota

Drew Peslar
Birmingham, Michigan

Richard Pohrt
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Catharine Dann Roeber
Oxford, Pennsylvania

Joanna Schoff*
Rye, New York

Anne Marie Schoonhoven
Newburgh, New York

Harold T. Shapiro
Princeton, New Jersey

Arlene P. Shy
Ann Arbor, Michigan

James P. Spica
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Edward Surovell
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Irina Thompson
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Benjamin Upton
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Leonard A. Walle
Novi, Michigan

David B. Walters
West Bloomfield, Michigan

Clarence Wolf
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

* Honorary Members