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Reading Room Guidelines

Researcher seated at reading room tableRegistration

All new readers must create a Clements Library Request Account. This can be done in advance of a visit to the Clements. Readers are asked to keep their registration information current.

Entering the Reading Room

Readers must present a valid government/school-issued photo ID to the receptionist before entering the reading room.

All bags, coats, hats, umbrellas, and other personal items must be stored in a locker or hung on the lobby coat rack.

Food, beverages, hard candy, and chewing gum are not permitted in the reading room.

Conversations and unnecessary noises are to be avoided whenever possible.

All electronic devices brought into the reading room must be completely silenced. This includes all cellphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras.

Only note-taking materials are allowed in the reading room. Laptop computers are permitted, but cases must be stored in a locker. Personal scanners and camera tripods are prohibited. Library staff will inspect all items that readers take into or bring out of the reading room.

Pencils are the only writing utensils allowed in the reading room.

Use of Materials

Readers are permitted to work with up to three single items or one collection box at a time. Readers must make requests for materials using their Clements Library Request Account.

Materials must be handled with extreme care. Reading room staff will instruct readers in the proper handling of items. Under no circumstances are marks to be made on original materials. Any reader who fails to observe the instructions of the reading room supervisor or the curators will forfeit the right to use the Library’s collections.

The Clements Library encourages full and free use of its collections for research, but access to materials may be limited in some cases. Use of materials “on deposit” but not the property of the Library may be limited. The Library will not reproduce or give permission to publish copies of items owned by other institutions. Unprocessed materials or items undergoing conservation may not be available for use.

The Clements Library makes every effort to accommodate all research visitors. The maximum capacity of the reading room is 20 persons, and the presence of a curator is often necessary to provide access to certain parts of the collection. On rare occasions, because of absences or meetings, the Library may close the reading room on short notice. Readers are advised to contact the library in advance of their visit.

Digital Camera Policy

Clements Library staff reserves the right to prohibit the photographing of any of its collections for any reason and at any time.

Patrons may take unlimited photographs for personal reference, at the discretion of Reading Room staff. Staff reserve the right to impose limits on photography for issues of material condition or reading room disruption. Citation target (provided) must be included in each image.

All photographs will be taken under the supervision of Clements Library staff. The materials being photographed must be handled according to the Rules for Use of Materials in the Clements Library Reading Room. Specifically, bound materials should rest on book cradles, manuscripts stay in folders, Mylar enclosures should remain in place. Excess pressure on bindings or creased materials is not allowed. Exceptions will not be made for the sake of obtaining a better photograph or digital image.

Patrons are not allowed to stand on furniture or place materials on the floor.

Flash photography is prohibited.

Cameras must operate silently – no SLR cameras.

Moving image cameras, scanners, tripods, additional lighting, and other equipment are not permitted in the reading room.

The photographing of staff or other patrons is prohibited.

Images taken by patrons may only be used for personal reference, research purposes, or classroom use. Images may not be added to the holdings of another library or archival repository, used on websites, or given to other individuals.

The patron is held entirely responsible for adhering to applicable copyright laws as they apply to the materials being photographed.

Duplication of Materials

Registered users can request photocopies or digital images of Clements material, up to a 50 page limit per project. See the duplication policies and fee schedule for more information.

Copies are provided for the use of individual readers only and may not be deposited in other institutions.

Prepayment is required for all orders. Researchers will be able to approve the costs before fees are charged or any duplication work is done.

Planning to publish? Let us know here: Planned Use of Clements Library Materials. Permission is not required, but we always appreciate hearing from you about your use of library materials.

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