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Reading Room Guidelines


We ask that all new researchers please create a Clements Library Request Account before visiting.

Before Entering the Reading Room

Please show a photo ID to the receptionist when checking in.

We ask that you please store any bags, coats, hats, umbrellas, and other personal items in a locker.

Please finish all food, beverages, hard candy, and chewing gum before entering the reading room.

To minimize distractions, please silence your electronic devices – ask us if you need help!

In the Reading Room

Feel free to bring your laptop computer and charger into the reading room, but please leave all cases in a locker.

Please be aware that for security purposes, library staff will inspect items brought into or out of the reading room.

Please use pencils for taking notes – extra pencils are available at the supervisor’s desk in the reading room.

Use of Materials

So that we can help provide you with the best research experience, readers are advised to contact the library in advance of their visit.

Up to three single items (books, prints, maps) or one manuscript collection box can be used at a time.

Please make requests for materials using your Clements Library Request Account.

To help us preserve these materials for future generations of scholars, please handle materials with extreme care. Reading room staff will demonstrate proper handling techniques and assist as needed. If you have a question about how to handle a particular item, please ask.

The Clements Library encourages full and free use of its collections for research, but access to materials may be limited in some cases. Use of materials that are “on deposit” but are not the property of the Library may be limited.

The Clements Library makes every effort to accommodate all research visitors. The maximum capacity of the reading room is 20 persons. On rare occasions, because of absences or meetings, the Library may close the reading room on short notice.

Digital Camera Policy

Patrons may take unlimited photographs for personal reference, at the discretion of reading room staff. Please use the provided citation target in your photographs.

When taking photographs, please continue to observe material-handling guidelines. Specifically, bound materials should rest on book cradles, manuscripts should remain in folders, mylar enclosures should remain in place. Please do not stand on furniture or place materials on the floor.

Please, no flash photography.

Please silence your digital cameras – ask if you need help! Please do not use SLR cameras, and leave tripods, hands-free devices, and other photographic equipment at home.

Please use images taken in the reading room for personal reference, research purposes, or classroom use. If you are interested in publishing collection images or other types of usage, please ask staff for assistance.


Duplication of Materials

The Clements Library is happy to provide up to 50 pages of digital images to registered users. See the duplication policies and fee schedule for more information.

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