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Niagara River Watercolor

Alcove Exhibit:

Things I Like Most About the Clements Library: Brian Leigh Dunnigan Retrospective

May 3 — October 25, 2019

The Clements Library is a treasure house of American history. During a 23-year career with the Clements, Brian Dunnigan has served as curator of maps, head of research and publications, associate director, and acting director. Daily contact with the collections has inspired reflections on some of the things that the Clements does very well, driving his exhibit themes around active collecting, conservation, solving mysteries, and more.

Dunnigan’s selections include poignant manuscripts, striking visual imagery and cartography, and some of his favorite materials from the collections, drawing especially from his expertise in the mapping of the Great Lakes. This valedictory exhibit in the Clements’s soaring Avenir Foundation Reading Room dwells on seven areas of commitment and illustrates the concepts with some of the Library's most evocative and handsome holdings.

Semi-Permanent Exhibit: "Collecting the Clements Library, 1903-2016."

This exhibit tells the story of collecting at the Clements Library from William L. Clements' original efforts to the current day.