William L. Clements Library

Current Exhibits

Exhibit hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Fridays.

Alcove Exhibit:
The Pioneer Americanists: Early Collectors, Dealers, and Bibliographers

November 3, 2017—May 18, 2018

This exhibit is a captivating look at the lives and careers of eight generations of outstanding Americanists prior to 1900. It features books, manuscripts and pictorial material about White Kennett, Isaiah Thomas, James Lenox, Joseph Sabin, John Carter Brown, Lyman Copeland Draper, George Brinley Jr., and the other noteworthy specialists who created and nurtured the Americana field from the late seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Rarities from the remarkable collections of the Clements Library help provide a panoramic window on the early story of Americana appreciation, collecting and description. Anyone with a professional or avocational interest in antiquarian Americana will find The Pioneer Americanists a fascinating treasury of information, enlightenment and inspiration.

Semi-Permanent Exhibit: "Collecting the Clements Library, 1903-2016."

This exhibit tells the story of collecting at the Clements Library from William L. Clements' original efforts to the current day.