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Birds’-Eye Views of America: An Interactive Map

Bird’s-Eye Views of America: An Interactive Map

How it Works

  • Use the + and – signs at the top right to zoom in and out. Click the home button in between the + and – signs to return to a view of the entire United States.
  • Click on the colored circles to zoom in on clusters of points.
  • Click on an individual blue point to make a popup appear. The popup will display the title, thumbnail, date, and creator of the individual bird’s-eye view.
  • Click on the thumbnail to view the Clements Image Bank page for that view. This page will open a new tab that gives more information and a bigger view of the bird’s-eye.
  • Either click the small X button at the top right of the popup or simply click outside the popup window to escape the popup.
  • Click the broken square button at the very top left to enter and exit full screen mode.
  • The three buttons below the + and – signs at the top left are filter buttons. The first filters by genre (Bird’s-eye view, Cityscapes, etc.). The second filters by creator. The third filters by date range (1840-1859, 1860-1879, etc.) Click what option you want to filter for and then click anywhere outside the filter box to escape the box. The filter will remain until you uncheck it or hit the clear button at the top.