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John André Letter to Joseph Stansbury, May 10, 1779

John André Letter to Joseph Stansbury, May 10, 1779. Henry Clinton Papers.

Sir, / Altho I think we understood each other clearly this / morning and nothing was omitted which I cou’d have to / say on the Subject; it is, or may be, of too much / importance not to take further pains that all may be perfectly / well comprehended– / On our part we meet ArnGen Monk’s ouvertures with full / reliance on his honourable Intentions and disclose to / him with the strongest assurances of our Sincerity, that / no thought is entertained of abandoning the point / we have in view.  That on the Contrary powerfull means / are expected for accomplishing our end.  We likewise / assure him that in the very instance of receiving / the Tidings or good offices we expect from him, our / liberality will be evinced, that in case any partial / but important blow shou’d by his means be Struck / or aimed, upon the Strength of just and pointed / information & cooperation, rewards equal at least / to what Such Service can be estimated at, will be / given, But Shou’d the Abilities and Zeal of that able

and enterprizing gentleman amount to the seizing / an Obnoxious land of Men, to the delivering into our / power or enabling us to attack to advantage and / by judicious assistance compleatly to defeat an Enemy / a numerous body, then woud the generosity of / the nation exceed even his own most sanguine hopes / & in the expectation of this he may rely on that honour / he now trusts in his present advances.  Shou’d his / manifest Efforts be foiled and after every zealous attempt, / flight be at length necessary, the Cause in which he / suffers will hold itself bound to indemnify him for / his losses and receive him with the honours his conduct / deserves.  His own judgement will point out the / services required, but for our satisfaction We give the / following hints. / Counsels of — Contents of dispatches from foreign / abettors — Original dispatches and papers, which might / be seized and sent to us — Channels thro’ which / such dispatches pass, hints for securing them.  Number / and position of troops, whence & what reinforcements / are expected and when — influencing persons of rank / with the same favourable disposition in their Several

commands indifferent Quarters — Concerting the / means of a blow of importance. — fomenting / and party which when risen to a height might / perhaps easily be drawn into a desire of accommodation / rather than submit to an odious yoke. — Magazines — / where any new are forming — To interest himself in / procuring an exchange of Prisoners for the honour of America /

The other channel you mention’d to me this morning / thro’ which a communication was formerly held / must be kept unacquainted with this and with / Regard to it the same may be said as with Regard / to Monk that liberal Acknowledgemts. will / infallibly attend conspicuous services /

you will leave me a long book similar to yours / Three Numbers make a Word the 1st: is the Page the 2d the Line the third the Word a comma is placed / between each word when only the first letter of the line / is wanted in order to compose a Word not in the book, / the number representing the Word will be + / (unit with a stroke across.)

In writings to be discover’d by a process F is fire / A acid. /

In general information, as to the complexion of Affairs / an Old Womans health may be the subject. / The Lady might write to me at the same time / with one of her intimates She will guess who I / mean, the latter remaining ignorant of interlining / & sending the letter.  I will write myself to the friend to / give occasion for a reply.  This will come by / a flag of truce, exchang’d Officer &a. every / messenger remaining ignorant of what they are charg’d / with, The letters may talk of the Meschianza & other / nonsense.

You will take your mysterious Notes from / this letter and burn it or rather leave it Sealed for / me with —

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