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Announcements — Winter/Spring 2023

New Staff Members

Image of staff Kayla Robinson

Kayla Robinson joins the Development Department as the Marketing Coordinator and oversees social media, updates the website, and creates a variety of print and digital marketing pieces.

In a newly created position as a Development Generalist, Helen Harding fosters philanthropy through mailings, provides information and stewardship to donors, and helps plan special Centennial events.

Heather Alphonso lends her experience to the reception staff, greeting researchers and visitors and helping with administrative tasks.


In July 2022, Clements Library Director Paul Erickson was officially announced as the president-elect of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, the primary scholarly society for historians studying the era between 1787 and 1860. His term will run from July 2023 to July 2024. He will be the first representative of a library or archive to hold the SHEAR presidency.


The Clements family welcomes its youngest member—Lucy Obata Goeman was born on February 23 to Emiko Obata Hastings, Curator of Books, and her husband Bill Goeman. Lucy’s own interest in books, like Lucy herself, is nascent but growing fast!

Clements Library Associates

The Quarto No. 15 in March of 1948 introduced the creation of the Clements Library Associates: “It is the University’s desire that our riches shall be more effectively shared with those who are concerned about American history and tradition. Therefore, the Regents of the University of Michigan, at their meeting of October 24, 1947 established The Clements Library Associates…”.

For the past 75 years, the Associates have fulfilled their original purpose of “increasing the collections and resources of the Clements Library and of broadening the scope, services, and usefulness of the Library.” Associates give of their collections, money, time, and intellect making the Clements the world-renowned library that it is today. Anyone who donates to the Clements Library is a member of the Clements Library Associates. To mark the 75th Anniversary, we celebrated on November 17, 2022, at the Clements Library.

Paul Erickson, Randolph G Adams Director of the Clements Library; Laurie McCauley, Provost; and Bradley L. Thompson II, Chairman of the Clements Library Associates Board of Governors.

Debra Schwartz and Howard Brick peruse the pop-up exhibit highlighting acquisitions made possible by the Associates.

Carol Virgne, Randi Kawakita, Tsune Kawakita, and Charlotte Maxson.

Clements Library logo

Randolph G. Adams Director of the Clements Library
Paul J. Erickson

Committee of Management
Santa J. Ono, Chairman
Gregory E. Dowd, James L. Hilton, David B. Walters.
Paul J. Erickson, Secretary

Clements Library Associates Board of Governors
Bradley L. Thompson II, Chairman
John R. Axe, John L. Booth II, Kristin A. Cabral, Candace Dufek, Charles R. Eisendrath, Derek J. Finley, Eliza Finkenstaedt Hillhouse, Troy E. Hollar, Martha S. Jones, Sally Kennedy, Joan Knoertzer, James E. Laramy, Thomas C. Liebman, Richard C. Marsh, Janet Mueller, Drew Peslar, Richard Pohrt, Catharine Dann Roeber, Anne Marie Schoonhoven, Harold T. Shapiro, Arlene P. Shy, James P. Spica, Edward D. Surovell, Irina Thompson, Benjamin Upton, Leonard A. Walle, David B. Walters, Clarence Wolf.
Paul J. Erickson, Secretary

Clements Library Associates Honorary Board of Governors
Peter Heydon, Chair Emeritus. Joanna Schoff.

Clements Library Associates share an interest in American history and a desire to ensure the continued growth of the Library’s collections. All donors to the Clements Library are welcomed to this group. The contributions collected through the Associates fund are used to purchase historical materials. You can make a gift online at or by calling 734-647-0864.

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