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Related Collections and Resources for Further Study

Manuscript Collections

— The National Archives in Washington, D.C. has Townshend’s Medical Officer’s File, (RG 94).

–The Salmon P. Chase papers, held by the Library of Congress, contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

–The Salmon P. Chase collection, located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Archives, contains correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

–The George Washburn papers, at the Western Reserve Historical Society, contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

–The W.G. Markham papers at Cornell University contain correspondence from N.S. Townshend.

–The Rutherford B. Hayes and Hayes family papers at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center contain two letters from Norton S. Townshend and six letters that mention Townshend.

–Ohio State University Archives has a “biographical file” on Norton S. Townshend, and a letter from Robert Browning to Margaret Bailey Townshend of Columbus, Ohio, concerning the naming of the Browning Dramatic Society at the Ohio State University.

–Oberlin College Archives has the minutes of the Oberlin College Board of Trustees; Townshend was a trustee 1845-1857.

–The John H. Klippart papers at the Ohio Historical Society contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

–Wilbur H. Sieber papers at the Ohio Historical Society papers contain notes from an interview with NST concerning Townshend’s role in the Underground Railroad.

–The Lakewood Historical Society owns several Norton S. Townshend letters, including one to his parents concerning politics in 1848.

–Iowa State University Archives has a file on Norton S. Townshend, including several biographical articles, a description of his teaching style, and a course catalog that shows what classes he taught 1869-1870.

–Lorain County Historical Society, Elyria, Ohio has some Townshend-related items.

–Colorado State University has some textiles from the Townshend family in its Historic Costume and Textiles Collection, including a nightshirt and smock made by Rebecca (Norton) Townshend and worn by Joel and young Norton, respectively. They also have a embroidered bag owned by Norton Townshend’s daughter, Harriet.

–Missouri Historical Society has a number of Easterly daguerreotypes related to the daguerreotypes in this collection. Easterly’s daguerreotypes are also held at the Newberry Library and the Smithsonian Institute.

–American Institute of Physics’ Center for the History of Physics has the Homer L. Dodge papers.

Books and Articles

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