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Pictured here is Your Favorite Recipes by the Women’s Council of the Country Club Christian Church from Kansas City, Missouri in 1937.

The Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive has just completed a yearlong cataloging project in which we added more than a thousand titles to our catalog, making them accessible to researchers.

This includes 773 cookbooks published for charitable purposes. These cookbooks, created by church groups, aid societies, fraternal organizations, and other civic and social groups, show us not only what Americans cooked and ate at home, but also what they cared about and raised funds for. The books are also a source of local history, since most of them contain ads from local merchants.

This addition increases our collection of charity cookbooks to more than 1600, beginning with the first one ever, A Poetical Cook-Book by Maria J. Moss, published in 1864 for a US Sanitary Commission fair, and continuing to the present day.