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Grand Canyon lithograph

Thomas Moran (1827-1926) joined the Hayden survey expedition to the West in 1871 and produced iconic views of the dramatic landscapes they encountered, such as this lithograph of The Grand Cañon of the Colorado River, drawing Americans’ attention and imagination westward.

The Winter-Spring 2020 Quarto is now available online. This issue is titled “The Best of the West,” inspired by an exhibition of the same name at the Clements Library. In the words of retiring Director Kevin Graffagnino, the exhibit “concentrates on printed books and pamphlets, but readers of this issue of The Quarto will learn that the Library has tremendous strength in western Americana manuscripts, prints, photographs, and maps as well.”

  • “The Best of the West,” Introduction by J. Kevin Graffagnino, Director, 2008-2019. Highlights the remarkable breadth and depth of Clements holdings on western Americana. (p. 1-3)
  • “Flowers of Life and Living” by Emiko Hastings, Curator of Books. Centers observations of the natural world and its importance in the life of Jessie Fremont in her extensive travels out West, as noted in her journal of pressed flowers. (p. 4-5)
  • “A Profound and Enduring Impression” by Jakob Dopp, Graphics Division Cataloger. Traces the roots and surprising tenacity of the myth that the Welsh were the first European visitors to the American continent, and that evidence of their presence can be found in Native American language and culture. (p. 6-7)
  • “Golden Dreams, Waking Realities” by Jayne Ptolemy, Assistant Curator of Manuscripts. Focuses on the life of Alexander Parker Crittenden, encompassing the grand hopes and disappointing realities often experienced by those following the dream of a better life in California. (p. 8-11)
  • “Across Two Worlds” by Clayton Lewis, Curator of Graphics. Explores the accomplished and complicated lives of the Eastman family as they attempted to reconcile influences of both white and Native American culture. (p. 12-14)
  • “I Dread it More Than Tongue Can Tell” by Sara Quashnie, Library Assistant. Follows one couple “going West,” from the dreaded anticipation to the comfortable reality experienced by Alice and Nathaniel Hill — supported by wealth, connections and business experience — as they traveled from the East Coast to start life in the new settlement of Denver. (p. 15-17)
  • “Developments” by Angela Oonk, Director of Development. Announcing the Richard Pohrt Jr. Collection of Native American Photography. (p. 18)
  • Celebrating Kevin Graffagnino. A Valedictory Lecture and Reception were held on December 10, 2019 in honor of our Director upon his retirement. (p. 19)

This issue of The Quarto is now available on our website. Our donors, the Clements Library Associates, receive a high-quality print of the publication by mail. You can support the Clements by making a gift online or by contacting Anne Bennington-Helber at or 734-764-5864.