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The Clements Library is pleased to announce that the following collections in our Graphics Division are now described online and may be requested for use in the reading room. 

The Clements Library is now open for research by appointment. Learn more at All researchers are encouraged to contact Clements Library staff for guidance on how to complete their research with both digital and physical materials. Please contact us with any questions about your research.



New England Family Travel Photograph Album (ca. 1900-1910)
The New England family travel photograph album contains approximately 600 photographs that document the domestic life and foreign travels of an unidentified husband and wife couple from suburban Boston during the first decade of the 20th-century.

Yetter Family Photograph Album (ca. 1860-1890)
The Yetter family photograph album contains 20 studio portraits including members of the Yetter family of Pennsylvania.

Parrish Family Photograph Album (1860s-1890s)
The Parrish family photograph album contains 110 photographs assembled by the Parrish family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including images of family and friends, political figures, celebrities, and popular illustrations as well as photographs related to Union efforts to educate freed slaves during the Civil War in the Port Royal Experiment.

Two photos of the same young man, posed the same seated on a trunk, wearing the same suspenders. In the first labeled "Before the Proclamation" his expression is somber; he smiles in the second image labeled "After the Proclamation."

These two carte de visite portraits of an unidentified African American boy captioned “Before the Proclamation” and “After the Proclamation” can be found in the Parrish Family Photograph Album.

Levy & Cohen’s Views of the Rebel Capital and its Environs (1865)
Levy & Cohen’s views of the rebel capital and its environs contains 26 photographs of historically significant monuments, locations, and structures in Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 after the conclusion of the Civil War.

New Bedford Whaling Albums (1868-1918)
The New Bedford whaling albums contain approximately 175 photographs in 4 albums pertaining to the whaling industry in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

A captured whale hangs by its upper jaw from the side of a whaling ship, as several men harpoon the whale from a platfrom protruding from the ship.
Worn black photo album cover reads "Cutting in A Whale" in gold lettering.

A scene from one of the New Bedford Whaling Albums (“Cutting in a Whale” – Hutchinson album) depicting a slain sperm whale being readied for processing.

Tyler-Montgomery-Scott Family Album (ca. 1870-1938)
The Tyler-Montgomery-Scott family album chronicles multiple generations of the Tyler, Montgomery, and Scott families of the Philadelphia area from the 1860s through the 1930s. It includes approximately 275 items including studio portrait photographs, informal snapshots, newspaper clippings, postcards, letters, and other ephemera.

C. Wallace Bell Photograph Album (1880)
The C. Wallace Bell photograph album (40 x 31 cm) contains 34 photographs including images of paintings of ships and other maritime subjects, views of the Central Pacific Railroad in the United States, and views of coastal regions of Cornwall (England) and Snowdonia (Wales) from ca. 1880.

Albert D. Noble, Jr., Glass Negatives Collection (1885-1910)
The Albert D. Noble, Jr., glass negatives collection consist of 92 glass plate negatives made by photographer Albert D. Noble, Jr. as well as 33 photographic prints, 2 newspaper clippings, and a computer disk with 180 digital images (including additional photographs by Noble, Jr. and copies of older family portraits).

Caspar Wistar Miller Photograph Albums (1888-1892)
The Caspar Wistar Miller photograph albums contain approximately 172 photographs stored in two albums that document travels in the western United States, Alaska, and Europe by Philadelphia-area physician Caspar Wistar Miller during the late 19th-century.

Charles J. Merz Photograph Album (1888-ca. 1910)
The Charles J. Merz photograph album contains approximately 147 images, the majority of which show places and people around the area of Detroit, Michigan, during the late 19th and early 20th-centuries.

Henry M. Wheeler Photoprint Collection (ca. 1889-1915)
The Henry M. Wheeler photoprint collection consists of approximately 719 images of colonial architecture and historical locations in Massachusetts from ca. 1889 to 1915.

New Bedford Photograph Albums (ca. 1890s)
The New Bedford photograph albums consist of 155 cyanotype photographs contained in two albums that show scenes from New Bedford, Massachusetts and surrounding areas during the 1890s.

Admiral William Mead Photograph Album (1893-1907)
The Admiral William Mead photograph album contains approximately 250 photographs related to the family and career of U.S. Navy Rear Admiral William Whitman Mead.

Schafer Brothers Logging Company Photograph Collection (ca. 1893-1940)
The Schafer Brothers Logging Company photograph collection consists of 18 images related to the business’s logging operations in western Washington State from the mid-1890s to 1940.

Five lumbermen and oxen stand next to a huge fallen tree in the woods. Two children and two hand-drawn lumbermen are atop the log.

This heavily modified image from the Schafer Brothers Logging Co. Photograph Collection exhibits signs of extensive negative retouching.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Collection (1903-1915)
The Louisiana Purchase Exposition collection contains 16 items, most of which are related to the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, including 14 photographs, 1 letterpress halftone, and an illustrated book cover.

Jacob Myers & Sons Photograph Album (1906-1912)
The Jacob Myers & Sons photograph album contains 80 photographs taken between 1906 and 1912 of various structures including large private residences, institutional buildings, and city dwellings that were built or renovated by prominent Philadelphia-based construction company Jacob Myers & Sons.

William N. Palmer Photograph Album (1915-1916)
The William N. Palmer photograph album contains 78 photographs of William Niles Palmer and friends taken in Massachusetts and Rhode Island from 1915 to 1916.

Genesee County Photograph Album (1923)
The Genesee County photograph album contains approximately 121 photographs related to an unidentified family farm in Genesee County, Michigan, ca. 1923.

German Tourists in New York Album (1925-1926)
The German tourists in New York album contains approximately 133 snapshots documenting the visit of an unidentified German couple to New York City and Long Island from October 1925 to June 1926.

Augustus J. J. Thibaudeau Family Photograph Album (1900s-1930s)
The Augustus J. J. Thibaudeau family photograph album contains approximately 308 photographs and 4 manuscript items related to the family and friends of Augustus J. J. Thibaudeau, a prominent lawyer based in Niagara Falls, New York, and a representative of the Photo-Pictorialist movement in photography.

Graflex Sees the War (1944)
Graflex Sees the War contains a series of 19 mounted gelatin silver prints taken by Allied military photographers in the European and Pacific theaters during World War II.

Vera and Gene Foreman Photograph Albums (1942-1951)
The Vera and Gene Foreman photograph albums consist of four volumes containing approximately 917 photographs and miscellaneous ephemera that document the experiences of Vera Irene Masuch and her husband-to-be Charles Eugene “Gene” Foreman in post-World War II Europe both before and after they first met as well as earlier trips taken by Vera and friends to various places in the United States.