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The Clements Library is pleased to announce that the following graphics collections are now described online and may be requested for use in the reading room.

Andrews’ Raid scrapbook and telegraph ledger, 1885-1888 – Processed by Louiegrf Miller

The Andrews’ Raid scrapbook and telegraph ledger contains newspaper clippings dating from 1887 that recount the story of Andrews’ Raid written by William Pittenger. Other clippings, almost all of which focus on the United States Army, are also included in the scrapbook. The majority of these clippings are glued onto the page, but some are loose. This scrapbook, whose compiler is unknown, was originally used as a telegraph ledger book for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and more than half of the volume still has these records visible.

New York State oil paintings album, ca. 1850 – Processed by Erin Berger

This collection of small paintings is housed in an embossed leather carte-de-visite album with a single metal clasp. Within are 12 landscape oil paintings of Lake Champlain, Lake George, and the Glens Falls area. Each image includes a caption denoting location.

From the Howard F. Barnum WWI photograph album

Howard F. Barnum World War I photograph album, 1905-1919 – Processed by Erin Berger

The Howard F. Barnum World War I photograph album contains 216 items relating to Barnum’s service during the war. A majority of the collection are personal photo-postcards of his time overseas and postcards from his travels with the Army of Occupation in France, Germany, and Luxembourg. Also included are photographs, letters, a print, and ephemera.

Pennsylvania National Guard album, ca. 1916-1918 – Processed by Erin Berger

The Pennsylvania National Guard album contains approximately 250 images pertaining to an unidentified man’s service with the Pennsylvania National Guard Cavalry and his civilian life from circa 1916 to 1918. The vast majority of the photographs are snapshots primarily taken in Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico.

United States Signal Corps photographic collection, 1918-1919 – Processed by Erin Berger

The United States Signal Corps Photographic Collection contains approximately 1,630 photographs of the American Expeditionary Forces taken by the Signal Corps during WWI throughout the Western Front. The collection is divided into three volumes and one box, all loosely arranged by topic. General topics include destruction, battlefields and trenches, artillery, monuments, and postwar celebrations.

Missouri and Ohio River sketches, ca. 1870s – Processed by Erin Berger

This collection contains 11 pencil sketches of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers and their surrounding cities. The sketches depict cityscapes, scenic and street views.

Harry Peter Boot photograph album, ca. 1903-1907 – Processed by Erin Berger

The Harry Peter Boot photograph album contains 16 photographs from Harry Boot’s time as a missionary with the Reformed Church in Xiamen, China from ca. 1903 to 1907.

Edward H. Suydam Detroit drawings, ca. 1940 – Processed by Erin Berger

This collection comprises of two volumes of original graphite pencil on paper illustrations by Edward H. Suydam for Arthur Pound’s Detroit: Dynamic City. The 35 illustrations (37 x 29.5 cm) detail various monuments, parks, streets, and squares throughout Detroit circa 1940.

John Sunnocks account book and Newbold Hough Trotter sketches, 1792-1801, ca. 1880 – Processed by Erin Berger

This collection consists of one bound volume including both financial receipts and sketches. The first part of the volume contains 38 pages of receipts of payments from John Sunnocks to various people he had transacted business with in the late 18th century. The rest of the volume contains sketches circa 1880, attributed to Newbold Hough Trotter, an American artist known for his work illustrating natural landscapes and animals.

J.M.S. Civil War sketches, ca. 1861-1863 – Processed by Erin Berger

This collection consists of six pages of pencil and ink sketches dated from 1861 to 1863 and signed J.M.S. The sketches depict various scenes of the American Civil War from the Union perspective including barracks, soldiers, and steamships related to the blockade of the Confederacy.