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Manuscript by Mary S. Clarkson. Wyandot Indian Agency. July 18, 1850. Mary S. Clarkson Papers.

On asking a Wyandott woman how came the Deleware the Nephew of the W. she related the following tradition

July 18th 1850

Many hundred moons ago when the Wyandotts were like the leaves on the trees so many that they cou’d not be counted  The great chiefs daughter Ne he meah had a beautiful son who was just begining to talk the young mother woud listin with a sad perplexed look not one lisping word coud she comprehend
She wou’d be seen wandering alone with her lovely boy gathering flowers and fruits speaking soft endearing words to him yet when he replied she wou’d hearken intensely Alas his soft musical words conveyed no idea to the young mother it was a different language  In her perplexity and distress she went to the Great chief her father  He called a council of the wise men and laid the case before them  After spending many days in deliberation they decided to keep the child in a lodge to himself  Perhaps the great Manitou had given him to the Chiefs daughter for a purpose  There was an old prephesey Among them that a people shou’d come from the Rising of the Sun to scourge them for their misdeeds and drive them from their beautiful country  They gave the boy a new name calling him Deleware.  From him sprung a numerous people speaking the same soft musical language.  so numerous indeed that the Wyandotts determined to send their Nephew the Deleware to the Atlantic to Watch for the coming of the Avenger

They Assembled in council held a great medicine to propitiate the Manitou and supplicate his blessing for the emigrating party.  When the Anglo Saxon came the Deleware dwelt on the Atlantic

Wm Walker related the same to me as having been told by his mother to him

The Seneca is the brother of the Wyandott the legend is one of romantic interest

The Shawnoese is the cousin of the W not much interest

When the W were a great people numerous as the leaves on the trees.