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A Brief Sketch of the Efforts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, to Promote the Civilization And Improvement of the Indians: Also, of the Present Condition of the Tribes In the State of New York. Philadelphia: Friends’ book store, 1879.

Baraga, Frederic. A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, Explained In English: This Language Is Spoken by the Chippewa Indians, As Also by the Otawas, Potawatamis And Algonquins, With Little Difference. For the Use of Missionaries, And Other Persons Living Among the Above Mentioned Indians. Cincinnati: Printed for Jos. A. Hemann, 1853.

Baraga, Frederic. Katolik Enamiad O Nanagatawendamowinan. Wawiiatanong: Jabez Fox o gi-masinakisan mandan masinaigan, 1850.

Baraga, Frederic. Katolik Gagikwe-masinaigan. Cincinnati.: J.A. Hemann o gi-masinakisan mandan masinaigan, 1858.

Baraga, Frederic. Otawa Anamie-misinaigan Gwaiakossing Anamiewin Ejitwadjig, Mi Sa Catholique-enamiadjig Gewabandangig. Paris: E.-J. Bailly ogimisinakisan manda misinaigan, 1837.

Blatchford, Henry. Iu Otoshki-kikindiuin Au Tebeniminvng Gaie Bemajiinvng Jesus Christ: Ima Ojibue Inueuining Giizhitong = The New Testament of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ : Translated Into the Language of the Ojibwa Indians. New York: American Bible Society, 1856.

Brodhead, John Romeyn. Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York…. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1855.

Bry, Theodor de, and Girolamo Benzoni. Americae Pars Qvarta: Sive, Insignis & Admiranda Historia De Reperta Primùm Occidentali India à Christophoro Columbo Anno M.CCCCXCII. Scripta Ab Hieronymo Bezono … Addita Ad Singula Ferè Capita … Scholia … Francofvrti ad Moenvm: Typis I. Feyerabend, impensis T. de Bry, 1594.

Buck, Wm. C. Memorial of the American Indian Mission Association, Praying the Adoption of Measures for Promoting the Permanent Welfare of the Various Indian Tribes: January 30, 1845…. [Washington, D.C.?: s.n., 1845].

Carver, Jonathan. Travels Through the Interior Parts of North America In the Years 1766, 1767, And 1768. London: C. Dilly, 1781.

Champlain, Samuel de. Les Voyages Dv Sievr De Champlain Xaintongeois, Capitaine Ordinaire Pour Le Roy En La Marine: Divisez En Devx Livres; Ou, Iovrnal Tres-fidele Des Observations Faites és Descouuertures De La Nouuelle France: Tant En La Descriptiõ Des Teres, Costes, Riuieres, Ports, Haures, Leurs Hauteurs, & Plusieurs Declinaisons De La Guide-aymant; Qu’en La Creance Des Peuples, Leurs Superstitions, Façon De Viure & De Guerroyer: Enrichi De Quantité De Figures. Paris: Iean Berjon, 1613.

Cherokee Phoenix & Indians’ Advocate. New Echota: Saturday, June 4, 1831.

Columbus, Christopher. De Insulis Inuentis Epistola Cristoferi Colom Paris, A. Pilinski, 1858.

Hubbard, William. The Present State of New-England: Being a Narrative of the Troubles With the Indians … To Which Is Added a Discourse About the War With the Peqvods In the Year 1637…. London: Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, 1677.

Jones, John. The Gospel According to St. John: Translated Into the Chippeway Tongue by John Jones, And Revised And Corrected by Peter Jones, Indian Teachers. London: Printed for the British and foreign Bible society, 1831.

[New Testament Printed In the Cherokee Alphabet.]. New York: American Bible Society, 1860.

Sequoyah. Cherokee Alphabet. [Park Hill, Okla.?: s.n., 1843]. Blandina Diedrich collection.

Shea, John Dawson Gilmary. History of the Catholic Missions Among the Indian Tribes of the United States. 1529-1854. New York: E. Dunigan & brother, 1855.

Smith, John, and I. H. A Trve Relation of Such Occurrences And Accidents of Noate As Hath Hapned In Virginia Since the First Planting of That Collony: Which Is Now Resident In the South Part Thereof, Till the Last Returne From Thence. London: Printed for Iohn Tappe, and are to bee solde at the Greyhound in Paules-Church-yard, by W.W, 1608.

Thomas, Isaiah. The Royal American Magazine, Or Universal Repository of Instruction And Amusement. Boston: Printed by and for I. Thomas, 1774-1775.

Thwaites, Reuben Gold, ed. The Jesuit Relations And Allied Documents: Travels And Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries In New France, 1610-1791: the Original French, Latin, And Italian Texts, With English Translations And Notes. Cleveland: Burrows Bros. Co., 1898.

Van Tassel, Isaac. The Ottauwa Spelling Book With Some Translations of Scripture & Hymns: Designed to Promote the Benevolent Objects of the Maumee Mission. [Hudson, Ohio]: 1830.

Vetromile, Eugene. Ahiamihewintuhangan: the Prayer Song. New York: Edward Dunigan & brother, James B. Kirker, 1858.

Vimont, Barthélemy. Relation De Ce Qvi S’est Passé En La Novvelle France, és Annees 1644. & 1645…. Paris: Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, et Gabriel Cramoisy, 1646.

Vincent, Philip. A True Relation of the Late Battell Fought In New England: Between the English, And the Salvages: VVith the Present State of Things There. London: Printed by M. P. for Nathanael Butter and Iohn Bellamie, 1637.

Woonspe Wankantu: Santee Normal Training School : Santee Agency, Nebraska, for the Year Ending June 30, 1881. [Santee, Neb.: s.n.], 1881.

Woonspe Wankantu: Santee Normal Training School : Santee Agency, Nebraska, for the Year Ending June 30, 1882. [Santee, Neb.: s.n.], 1882.

Prints and Photographs

The Able Doctor, or America Swallowing the Bitter Draught, engraving, in London Magazine, vol. 43. London: May 1774.

America, lithograph. Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, [1858-1862].

L’Amérique, drawn by Antoine Vauthier and engraved by Bertrand. Paris: Chez Aumont…, 1820.

L’Amérique La America La Amerika, lithograph. Paris: Imp. de A. Bes et Dubreuil…, 185-.

L’Amérique Amerika, lithograph by K. Th. Westermann. [S.l.]: [I]mpt. von F. Lix, 1840.

L’Amérique Indépendante, engraving by Borel. Paris: 1778.

[Andrew Jackson as The Great Father, lithograph, ca. 1835].

British Resentment or the French Fairly Coopt at Louisbourg, engraving. Published by T. Bowles, L. Boitard artist; J. June etcher. London: 1755.

The Commissioners, engraving. London: Matthew Darly, 1778.

Execution of the Thirty-Eight Sioux Indians at Mankato, Minnesota, December 26, 1862, Milwaukee Lithograph & Engraving Company, [1883].

L’Anse Indian Reservation photographs, 1910-1917. David V. Tinder collection of Michigan photography.

Lewis, James Otto. The Aboriginal Port-folio: a Collection of Portraits of the Most Celebrated Chiefs of the North American Indians. Philadelphia: J.O. Lewis, 1835-36.

Liberty Triumphant, or the Downfall of Oppression, engraving. London: 1774.

Photograph album and postcards, circa 1904-1914. Olga and Jessie Smith collection.

William Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, broadside engraving for The Ledger Carrier’s Annual Greeting.  Philadelphia: Illman & Sons, 1857.

Wm. Penn’s Peace Treaty with the Indians, chromolithograph. Chicago: Printed by Kurz & Allison, [late 19th century].


A Treaty of Peace [Treaty of Greenville]; Fort Greenville, August 3, 1795.  Lewis Cass papers.

Anthony Wayne ALS (letterbook copy) to Henry Knox; Grand Glaize, August 28, 1794.  Anthony Wayne family papers.

Charles McCormick DS, “Council held at Wakitunikee May 18th 1785.  By the Chiefs of the Shawanese, Mingoes, Delawares, & Cherokees”; Detroit, May 31, 1785. Great Britain Indian Department collection.

Charlie ALS to his sister; St. Paul, [Minnesota], August 26, 1862. Native American History collection.

Cherokee Chief Kittagusta speech to Alexander Cameron and George Price; Fort Prince George, [South Carolina], May 8, 1766. Great Britain Indian Department collection.

Chippewa Chiefs DS to George III; [Mackinac Island], May 12, 1781. Michigan collection.

Choptank tribe manuscript statement to English deputies, per Col. Loyd; [eastern Maryland], August 12, 1767. Great Britain Indian Department collection.

Edward A. Henderson ALS to Carrie; Red Wing, Minnesota, November 3, 1869. Native American History collection.

Emeline Foot Blood AL to her cousin; Cleveland, [probably Minnesota], February 23, 1863. Native American History collection.

Horace A. Wentz manuscript, The Lords Prayer in Cherokee; January 1854. Blandina Diedrich collection.

Indian Commissioners’ Receipts, 1776.

Kiowa schoolchildren’s drawings, 1899. Hilon A. Parker papers.

Mary S. Clarkson papers1850-1851.

Miami, Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Wyandot Chiefs DS to James Madison; Detroit, November 13, 1811. Lewis Cass papers.

“Moonlight Night” signature; [1845?]. Duane Norman Diedrich collection.

Nangüis and Voüistanaince DS to Collette Chapoton; Detroit, [Michigan], May 8, 1793. Michigan collection.

Naudowessie chiefs deed (copy) to Jonathan Carver; [near St. Anthony’s Falls], May 1, 1767.  Richard Whitworth papers.

Pottawatomi Chiefs DS to James and Francis Navarre; Detroit, June 3, 1785. Michigan collection.

[Richard] Butler, the Mohawks, and the Oneidas DS to the Onandagas (by way of the Senecas and Cayugas); Niagara, March 29, 1779. Great Britain Indian Department collection.

Seneca, Onondaga, and Cayuga sachems deed in trust (copy) to King George I; New York Secretary’s Office copy, December 13, 1726.  George Clinton papers.

Tobias Shadick [Shattock] on behalf of the Narragansett tribe ALS to Sir William Johnson; Charlestown, [Rhode Island], October 14, 1765. Great Britain Indian Department collection.

[Swan signature] of a Native American Chief, given to J. Halkett; Washington, D.C., 1822. Native American History collection.

Winfield S. Hancock AL (official copy) to Philip H. Sheridan; Fort Wallace, Kansas, July 4, 1867. Native American History collection.


Action Between Genl. St Clairs Army & That of the American Indians Novr. 4th 1791: Collected From His Public Letter. [ca. 1791]. Henry Clinton papers.

Bedinger, George M. [Plan of St. Clairs battle ground, 1791]. Swearingen-Bedinger papers.

Gottfried, Johann Ludwig, and Johann Theodor de Bry. Newe Welt Vnd Americanische Historien…. Frankfurt: 1631.

Greenleaf, J. Wisconsin And Iowa. Brattleboro, Vt.: J. Greenleaf, 1842.

Hubbard, William, and John Foster. A Map of New-England, Being the First That Ever Was Here Cut, And Done by the Best Pattern That Could Be Had, Which Being In Some Places Defective, it Made the Other Less Exact; Yet Doth it Sufficiently Shew the Scituation of the Countrey, And Conveniently Well the Distance of Places. London: s.n., 1677.

Map Showing the Lands Assigned to Emigrant Indians West of Arkansas & Missouri. Washington: War Dept., 1836.

Ogilby, John, and A. De Nieuwe Montanus. America: Being the Latest, And Most Accurate Description of the New World…. London: Printed by the author, 1671.

Ortelius, Abraham, and Humphrey Llwyd. Theatrvm Orbis Terrarvm. [Colophon: Auctoris aere & cura impressum absolutumque apud Aegid. Coppenium Diesth, Antverpiae]: 1570.

Popple, Henry, and W. H Toms. A Map of the British Empire In America With the French And Spanish Settlements Adjacent Thereto. [London]: 1733.

Smith, John, and William Symonds. A Map of Virginia: With a Description of the Covntrey, the Commodities, People, Government And Religion. Oxford: Printed by Joseph Barnes, 1612.

Objects and Realia

[Peace medals].

[Trade silver].

[Wampum strings]. Josiah Harmar papers.