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Signatures from Mackinaw Island Deed. May 12, 1781.

By these Presents We the following Chiefs Kitchi Negon, or grand Sable Pouanas, Koüssie, and Magousseihigan on behalf of ourselves and all others of our Nation the Chipwas who have or can lay Claim to the herein mentioned Island as being their Representatives and Chiefs by and with mutual Consent, do surrender and yield up into the Hands of Lieutenant Governor Sinclair for the Behalf and use of his Majesty George the Third of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c &c &c His Heirs, Executors, Administrators forever, the Island of Michilimakinack or as it is called by the Canadians, La Grosse Isle (situate in that strait which joins the Lakes Huron and Michigan) and We do hereby make for ourselves and Posterity a Renunciation of all Claims in future to said island.  We also acknowledge to have received, by Command of his Excellency Frederick Haldimand Esqr., Governor of the Province of Quebec, General and Commander in Chief of all his Majesty’s Forces in Canada &c &c &c, from the said Lieutenant Governor Sinclair on his Majesty’s Behalf the Sum of Five Thousand Pounds New York Currency being the adequate and compleat Value of the beforementioned Island of Michilimakinak and have signed two deeds of this Tenor and Date in the Presence of Matthew Lessey, John Macnamara, David Rankin, Henry Bostwick, Benjamin Lyons, Etienne Campion and P. Ant. Tabeau the underwritten Witnesses, one of which Deeds is to remain with the Gover[nor of] Canada and the other is to remain at this Post to certify the same, and We promise to preserve in our Village a Belt of Wampum of seven feet in length to perpetuate, secure, and be a lasting memorial of, the said Transaction to our Nation for ever hereafter and that no defect in the deed from Want of Law Forms or any other shall invalidate the same.  In Witness whereof, We the abovementioned Chiefs do set our Hands and Seals this twelvth day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one and the twenty first year of his Majesty’s Reign.

Mattw Lessey
David Rankin
Henry Bostwick
Benjamin Lyon
Etne. Campion
P. Ant. Tabeau

Patrick Sinclair Lt. Governor [and] Commandant
John Mompesson, Capt. of the King’s Regt.
R.R. Brooke, Lieut. King’s or Eight Regiment
John Robert McDougall Ensign Kings or Eight Regt.

Registered in the Deed Register of Michilimc by me
John Coates, Noty Publick

Mark of Kitchie Negon

Mark of Pouanas

Mark of [Agosse?]